Monday, July 01, 2013

Egypt's protests, what is it about? No really, can someone please mention it somewhere, anywhere? What's this about?

I find all the reporting to lack the most interesting context, what is this about? I mean, we know Egypt is a bucket of shit full of hate and murder, but what is pushing the screaming loons out - this is THE government of the illiterate bigots and global haters.

Could it be because the unwashed blood thirsty masses only want war with Israel and don't really care about their own "Democracy" and "minority rights"?

Egypt: Islamic supremacist protesters hate Morsi for not going to war with Israel

There are secularist protesters in Egypt who don't want to see the Islamization of the country and the full imposition of Sharia. Other protesters, however, hate Morsi for not proceeding fast enough with the Islamization -- and primarily because he hasn't scrapped the hated Camp David Accords and gone on jihad against Israel. After all, that was why they got rid of Mubarak:

Maybe it's just yet another excuse to call in the gullible international female reports - and then treat them to what is becoming a tradition:

Foreign reporter raped in Tahrir Square

Notice no one is chanting the plight of Egyptian Coptic in this mayhem.