Saturday, August 30, 2008

Buchanan, Palin, and anti-semitism.

I'll begin by saying that if a person has never been on record expressing anything that resembles hate speech or antisemitism, it is a far-far far stretch to call him an antisemite. There is room for clarification if that person has at any point in time supported another guy who is infamous for being an antisemite.

First, I missed out on this thing altogether, because MSNBC is just not a channel I watch. The item was revealed live on Hardball and was captured by politico:
Buchanan: Palin was a 'brigader for me' in '96

Ben Smith finishes his post with a note that he will update when the McCain campaign answers. Again, I'll look forward to that.

Hotair's excellent pundit "Allahpundit", points out to the obvious hypocrisy as this item was revealed by Buchanan himself. On MSNBC. So how can they denounce her for supporting him, while interviewing him all the time?

Of all the sources in the world, Ynet has picked it up and reported on the other side of the coin quite well. The small Jewish community in Alaska attests to her support and affection to the Jewish community and Israel:
Meanwhile, Jewish sources and Israel-friends in the United States told Ynet that the Alaska governor has maintained very warm relations with the small Jewish community in the state, which comprises roughly 4,000 people. Moreover, Palin met with Israeli Foreign Ministry official David Akov, who served as Israel's Consul General for the Pacific Northwest Region.

During the meeting, the two discussed cooperation between Israel and Alaska on various issues, such as counter-terrorism efforts. Akov invited Palin to visit Israel and the governor expressed her desire to do so. She also reportedly told Akov that Alaska's residents love Israel.

I have a feeling this story is well on it's way to die down and become irrelevant.

Cleared and clarified here.

Friday, August 29, 2008

CNN's Begala: McCain out of his mind

Early signs of panic and confusion on the Obama camp as CNN contributing commentator ponders McCain upcoming death and think that a VP's lack of experience is worse than his own candidate's. Now - who lost his mind?

CNN: Commentary: Is McCain out of his mind?
ohn McCain needs what Kinky Friedman calls "a checkup from the neck up."

In choosing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate, he is not thinking "outside the box," as some have said. More like out of his mind.

Palin a first-term governor of a state with more reindeer than people, will have to put on a few pounds just to be a lightweight. Her personal story is impressive: former fisherman, mother of five. But that hardly qualifies her to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

For a man who is 72 years old and has had four bouts with cancer to have chosen someone so completely unqualified to become president is shockingly irresponsible. Suddenly, McCain's age and health become central issues in the campaign, as does his judgment.

In choosing this featherweight, McCain passed over Tom Ridge, a decorated combat hero, a Cabinet secretary and the former two-term governor of the large, complex state of Pennsylvania. 'McCain pick might be a gimmick'

He passed over Mitt Romney, who ran a big state, Massachusetts; a big company, Bain Capital; and a big event, the Olympics.

He passed over Kay Bailey Hutchison, the Texas senator who is knowledgeable about the military, good on television and -- obviously -- a woman.

Thanks CNN, again, for giving front and center stage to such classy "opinion". To the more rational of us, this choice seems to make perfect sense. It brings out Democrats' venom against an inexperienced woman. Which obviously would backfire Obama's campaign both for having no experience, as well as selecting - not electing - by color of a skin and not gender. Non of those should be a valid reason to vote by. Still it does attract enough identity voters. I personally believe that values and integrity combined with experience should drive one's vote. Crazy talk by people like Begala only give McCain's campaign more strength. Keep it coming.

Who is Begala? From CNN:
Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist and CNN political contributor, was a political consultant for Bill Clinton's presidential campaign in 1992 and was counselor to Clinton in the White House.

A sign I've browsed to CNN to often...

I just found out they have a feature that places headlines on t-shirts for you for purchase. Who's volunteering to wear that T-Shirt to a political gathering?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama's speech and cutting dependence on oil in 10 years

Obama's speech and cutting dependence on oil in 10 years by teaching us how to fly:

Image taken form CNN's front page.

Seriously - I was very unimpressed. I guess I'm a bit biased because all I heard was "change, socialism, socialism, change, reduce taxes - solve every problem in the world - I'll pay for everyone's college - socialism and change". Sorry. Oh - and did anyone pay attention to the use both Obama made as well as Biden yesterday of Rice's negotiation with Iraq on withdrawal? Wasn't I right when I mentioned that meddling with that issue right now will be used by Obama's campaign?

One last note, regarding the nameless imaginary people who keep popping up in these speeches. That nameless chick in Ohio that's sick (obviously there would be one), that nameless advisor who supposedly belittled the American public. That's the sort of change Obama is talking about - dealing with imaginary people, issues and solving all the problems of the world with a smile and a wink. If you do reduce taxes to 95% of people, and still increase spending by 100% and solve the national debt - would that mean you intend to nationalize industries or just mug the rich at gun point?

When Medvedev met Ahmedinajad

I assume this goes under the networks radar because it's too difficult to say their names. All jokes aside - the two worst people in the world met today (except Olbermann).

Yahoo News/ Reuters:Russia's Medvedev says Iran nuclear talks must go on
Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev has asked Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to continue dialogue on the Iranian nuclear issue, Medvedev's spokeswoman said on Thursday.

At Medvedev's initiative, the two leaders discussed the Iranian nuclear programme in Tajikistan's capital, Dushanbe, where they were attending a Shanghai Cooperation Organisation meeting.

"The Russian president raised the possibility of continuing the dialogue and the discussion," Medvedev's spokeswoman, Natalia Timakova, told reporters without giving further details.

Western powers fear Tehran wants to build an atomic bomb but Iran says it is developing nuclear technology only to generate electricity.

Correction to Reuters: Iran has stopped saying they do not seek nukes as weapons. They admitted to acquiring and possession of documents on how to build the bombs and mount them on missiles. Now what country does that and enrich weapons grade uranium without attempt to build a nuke?

Putin accuses U.S. of orchestrating Georgian war

On a CNN interview - the man who ordered his troops to storm and demolish a smaller neighboring country says "Those yanks made me do it". Yea, right.
Putin accuses U.S. of orchestrating Georgian war

SOCHI, Russia (CNN) -- Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has accused the United States of orchestrating the conflict in Georgia to benefit one of its presidential election candidates.

In an exclusive interview with CNN's Matthew Chance in the Black Sea city of Sochi Thursday, Putin said the U.S. had encouraged Georgia to attack the autonomous region of South Ossetia.

Putin told CNN his defense officials had told him it was done to benefit a presidential candidate -- Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama are competing to succeed George W. Bush -- although he presented no evidence to back it up.

"U.S. citizens were indeed in the area in conflict," Putin said. "They were acting in implementing those orders doing as they were ordered, and the only one who can give such orders is their leader."

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino blasted Putin's statements, saying they were "patently false."

"To suggest that the United States orchestrated this on behalf of a political candidate just sounds not rational," she said.

U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Robert Wood concurred, and labeled Putin's statements as "ludicrous."

Notice how CNN labeled the HTTP address:

Cold War. Chill in the air.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

LATimes: Hezbollah presence in Venezuela feared

LA Times: Hezbollah presence in Venezuela feared
he Lebanese Shiite militia, linked to deadly attacks in Argentina in the 1990s, may be taking advantage of Chavez's ties with its ally Iran, terrorism experts say.

Western anti-terrorism officials are increasingly concerned that Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based Shiite Muslim militia that Washington has labeled a terrorist group, is using Venezuela as a base for operations.

Linked to deadly attacks on Jewish targets in Argentina in the early 1990s, Hezbollah may be taking advantage of Venezuela's ties with Iran, the militia's longtime sponsor, to move "people and things" into the Americas, as one Western government terrorism expert put it.

As part of his anti-American foreign policy, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has established warm diplomatic relations with Iran and has traveled there several times. The Bush administration, Israel and other governments worry that Venezuela is emerging as a base for anti-U.S. militant groups and spy services, including Hezbollah and its Iranian allies.

"It's becoming a strategic partnership between Iran and Venezuela," said a Western anti-terrorism official who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the issue's sensitivity.

Several joint Venezuelan-Iranian business operations have been set up in Venezuela, including tractor, cement and auto factories. In addition, the two countries have formed a $2-billion program to fund social projects in Venezuela and elsewhere in Latin America.


Read it all...

My question - Hezbollah presense within the US is not an important enough issue to cover on a mainstream newspaper? How about just the signs they put on CBS's billboards at Canada?

Experience Counts!

Experience Counts! So say Hillary supporters in Denver. She'd rather not vote at all, than for Obama. Good job Hillary:


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Random thoughts while Hillary Clinton is barking at me from the tv

  • At least she won't be president. At the very least not in the next 4 years.
  • How much nothing can be packed into half an hour of a speech? That's politics for you.
  • I believe I heard a smear that McCain thinks it's OK to pay women less than men for the same job... baseless stupid accusation. Now we know what we missed from her campaign if she would have been the candidate.
  • We got an HD front seat view, to be barked at by Hillary. (No intention to connect to the canine family). We should cancel our HD service for such events
  • People in tears at the crowd. So am I, for other reasons.
  • I believe the ABC anchors just mentioned "it's too bad she isn't our nominee". I think they quoted some dude on the floor.
  • Who actually watches this? Besides all the poor souls who have no choice because it's the only thing on every possible channel.
  • Show us some more Chelsea. She's relevant.
  • I believe she practiced for hours not winking when saying "vote for Obama", and "let's make him our next president".
  • Why should we care who Biden's wife is? When she said "partner to Obama's presidency" - we thought she would say Biden. Funny, I don't remember the first lady having an official role.
  • Do remind us, Clinton, how great your husband was as president. We'd love to discuss that. That should help Obama.
P.S. I didn't know Hillary was around at the 19th century to attend that women's rights confrence she was referring to.

Post Zionism to replace Judaism and Patriotism curriculum at Israeli schools

A Hebrew article at Walla informs us that Yuli Tamir - the far left "peacenick" minister of education in Israel has taken out studies of 100 items in Zionism, Judaism and Democracy and replaced it with a "universal" program. The new program focuses on Family, Violence, Equality, Social Justice and Environmentalism.

To me it sounds like taking the pledge of allegiance out of schools here in the US and replacing it with Marxist studies. What's next Yuli? Now that you put in the revisionism of "Nakba" into Israeli schools, taken out Zionism, put in "social justice, equality and environmentalism", cut funding to pre-military religious studies (Mechina) and immigration integration programs (Ulpan) - what's the next move? Want to teach kids that you think that there's no God perhaps? Want to replace science with witch craft? Perhaps Mathematics with anarchism? Yuli Tamir is on a mission - an extreme far left mission which might be applied anywhere in the west if allowed. Her actions are a glowing warning sign as to what can happen when an extremist (left or right) is allowed to manipulate curriculum.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Maliki wants all foreign Soldiers out ASAP, except those he wants to prosecute under Sharia

At least we should be thankful that while an Agreement was reached - it wasn't agreed upon (paraphrasing the nonsense AP provides us with).

Iraqi PM Demands U.S. Pullout Timetable
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said Monday no security agreement with the United States could be reached unless it included a "specific deadline" for the withdrawal of all American troops from Iraq.

Last week, U.S. and Iraqi officials said the two sides had agreed tentatively to a schedule which included a broad pullout of combat forces by the end of 2011 with a residual U.S. force remaining behind to continue training and advising the Iraqi security forces.

But al-Maliki's remarks Monday suggested that the Iraqi government is still not satisfied with that arrangement. An aide to the prime minister said Monday that Iraq remained adamant that the last American soldier must leave Iraq by the end of 2011 — regardless of conditions at the time.

The official, like others who spoke about the specifics of the debate, spoke on condition of anonymity because the text had not been approved by either government.

U.S. President George W. Bush has long resisted a timetable for pulling out troops from Iraq, even under heavy pressure from a nation distressed by American deaths and discouraged by the length of the war that began in 2003.

"There can be no treaty or agreement except on the basis of Iraq's full sovereignty," al-Maliki told a gathering of tribal sheiks. He said such an agreement must be based on the principle that "no foreign soldier remains in Iraq after a specific deadline, not an open time frame."

In his Monday address, al-Maliki also suggested that the question of granting immunity to U.S. military personnel or contractors continued to be a sticking point in the negotiations.

In one key part of the draft agreement, private U.S. contractors would be subject to Iraqi law but the Americans are holding firm that U.S. troops would remain subject exclusively to U.S. legal jurisdiction.

Al-Maliki said Monday that his country could not grant "open immunity" to Iraqis or foreigners because that would be tantamount to a violating the "sanctity of Iraqi blood." He did not elaborate.


Like I mentioned before, ungrateful and hostile nation - regardless of what the US does for them.

I wish redlasso was still around to catch Dick Morris ridiculing Biden as VP on H&C

Redlasso is still down due to litigation. On Friday evening - at 9pm eastern time, shortly after it was revealed Joe Biden would become VP candidate for Obama, Dick Morris appeared at Hannity and Colmes and ridiculed that decision. It was very amusing - pure fun in my view. We switched the channel quickly (we can't stand H&C) - but I wish I could fish that clip on the web somewhere. I did find the following nugget though on Morris's site:
‘SAFE’ PICK FOR TICKET LEAVES WOMEN SCORNED (published on The New York Post, August 24)
It doesn’t take a political genius to realize that Barack Obama needed to nominate a woman for vice president.

Obama’s key problem is that there is no gender gap. In the most recent Zogby poll, he runs only two points better among women than among men. A Democrat should be running 10 to 15 points better among women.

If Obama is to have a hope of winning, he needs to improve his performance among female voters. A Fox News poll indicated that only about half of those who backed Hillary Rodham Clinton in the primaries are voting for Obama and that fully one in five plans to support John McCain.


The ticket will nominally be Obama-Biden. But, to millions of American women it will be Obama and not Hillary.

Read it all... (I skipped almost the entire piece to reach the end)

Today on O'Reily's radio show, Bill speculated that Biden was chosen to give the campaign a more "centrist" appeal because Obama sounds like an extreme liberal to most voters. Fair enough, check out CNN's Joe Biden page. CNN gives us the following "centrist" quote:

This is not about experience. It's not about change. It's about action. Who among us is going to be able to, on Day 1, step in and end the war?
-- at the November 15 CNN Democratic debate

I'm sure there are a lot more quotes worth looking into from Biden during the last year - most of which blast Obama on every possible issue. This one in particular, I think, shows how Biden is anything but a centrist. Obama says Biden is ready to act as President from day 1, is Obama? Obviously - Biden's action on such a day 1 would be to declare immediate surrender on all fronts and thus end the war. Great pick.

Well now it is about experience, and change, not about action - and I believe both Biden and Obama are lying about what they would do regarding the war on day 1. But you never know - they might surrender as promise.

It seems to me that while a whole lot of hoopla was manufactured over the weekend regarding Obama's VP - by now, no one really cares.

I have a feeling the McCain campaign had a hunch it might be Biden. They were quick to release an add showing us what Biden thinks of Obama and McCain.

VP picked for Democrats - check. Who cares? Seems like no one, perhaps that was the goal, make as little waves as possible by not picking Hillary. Moving on...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fighter troops to pull out of Iraq by June 2009. Rest by 2011

Yahoo/AFP:Iraq-US pact puts troop pullout by 2011: negotiator
Negotiators have finalised a deal which will see the complete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq by 2011, ending an eight-year occupation, the top official in the Iraqi team told AFP on Friday.

Under the 27-point deal all American combat troops will be withdrawn from Iraqi cities by next June, said negotiator Mohammed al-Haj Hammoud.

The agreement has already been approved by US President George W. Bush and now needs to be endorsed by Iraqi leaders, he added.

White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe, however, said the deal was yet to be finalised. "There are still discussions ongoing," he said. "It's not done until it's done."

Hammoud said Baghdad and Washington had agreed to "withdraw the US troops from Iraq by end of 2011."

"The combat troops will withdraw from Iraqi cities by June 2009. Both the parties have agreed on this," he added. "The negotiators' job is done. Now it is up to the leaders."

Mission accomplished?! Please wake me up when you remember what the mission was... Was it to strengthen the Shiites in the Middle East? To leave Assad in power in Syria? To allow nuclear Iran? I believe it might have had something to do with fighting terror - or WMD-s or something, I just can't seem to recall what and why - and how are things better. Excuse me for taking the sarcastic disapproving tone, but I'm pretty sure at no point in time were we told the mission was to make life better for Iraqis. Is the beacon of liberty shining from the towers of Iraqi constitution - or is it the repressive Sharia? How's life for Iraqi Christians like?

Quick Update
Yesterday I noted that this was reported: US to withdraw from Iraq?. Fox-News published an AP post about Rice negotiating a withdrawal. I questioned the political consequences during these elections.

Just to be clear - for those who have never read this blog before: I'm in favor of the troops, regardless of the mission. I dislike the war - yet support a victory. I questioned the necessity of this war from the beginning. I think many would appreciate an honest explanation from the President as to why this war was conceived, which goals were set, and how those were attained (or not). It is my impression that the credit given to the government to defeat terror and protect the country was wasted on an impossible dream of changing the face of the Middle East. The reality of Iraqi politics, and desire of the Arabs in Iraq was in my view not taken into account - and the resulting experiment of an Iraqi democracy is a silent defeat no one wishes to discuss publicly. The troops will withdraw after achieving a military victory for the Iraqi government (not the US) - only to leave behind a nation still hostile and ungrateful.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

US to withdraw from Iraq?

Fox-News/AP:Rice Presses Iraqis on U.S. Troop Withdrawal Deal
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice pressed Iraqi leaders Thursday to agree quickly to a U.S.-Iraq security deal that outlines the withdrawal of American troops.

Would it be a stretch to assume that leftists will celebrate the latest Bush move as their own victory?

My question is - would a withdrawal of troops carry with it a stop of funds flow from the US to Iraq while the US and the global economy are in crisis? Will Iraq ever pay the US back (favorably that is)? Where would the withdrawn troops go Afghanistan - or Caucasus?

I believe a move that big - during an election campaign - by a lame duck president warrants an explanation to the nation - does it not? It's not a reduction of forces after the successful surge - AP cites withdrawal.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Terrorist, Murderer finds a home in Brantford, Ontario. Canada won't deport for 20 years

Is this another multiculturalism victory? As reported on
Canadian Immigration Laws Allow Convicted Terrorist and Killer to Make Home in Ontario
On Dec. 26, 1968, Mohammad and another gunman launched an attack on an El Al airliner at Athens International Airport. The two ran up on the tarmac firing guns and, throwing grenades at the passenger jet, wounded a flight attendant as she opened an emergency exit and killed a 50-year-old passenger, Leon Shirdan.

The gunmen were captured, tried and convicted in Greek court, and they were sentenced in 1970 to serve 17 years in prison. But they were released just months later after the PFLP hijacked an Olympic Airways flight and demanded their release as part of a hostage exchange.

In 1987, when a much grayer Mohammad arrived at Canada's doorstep, his entry visa made no mention of his terrorist act. Canadian authorities later determined Mohammad was a convicted terrorist, and they ordered him out of the country.

Yet Mohammad, having repeatedly appealed government orders for his expulsion, has extended his stay for 20 years. He still resides in the same house in Brantford.

You stay classy Canada - home of the... I don't know what exactly.
The Canadian government has also played a large part in Mohammad's stay; Canada will not send its deportees — even convicted terrorists and murderers — just anywhere.

"The rule is you can't send someone back to [face] torture," said Lorne Waldman, Mohammad's former attorney.

Read it all.

I doubt he'll be tortured anywhere if deported. He'd actually be a hero in the middle east, heck he might even become a high ranking Palestinian official without a beep from Israel - as is the case with the terrorists running the PA and getting salaries through Israeli channels.

Well, as a resident of Michigan - there's no room for pride in own state's prosecution and deportation of foreign terrorists. Read Schlussel's posts about the Hezbollah Jihadist's training with AK47 in city park getting probation sentence and about a Hezbollah spy's in the CIA and FBI slap on the wrist.

So I guess having an old and dying murderer next door in Brantford, Ontario is not as half as bad as having an active community of terrorists in a city near you and having no action be taken against them even when they are caught.

Tolerance of such creeps will be the death of the Western culture.

"Most Beautiful Goat" Competition in Saudi Arabia- no, Really! Bourdain not around to tell us about it

The wonders of clicking on "Stumble" from the stumble-upon-it tool bar brings us internet charm such as this: American Idol Uses Goats In The Mecca Version
Meet the Damascene goat named Qahr, the winner of the “Most Beautiful Goat” award at the Mazayen al-Maaz competition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

They should have brought Anthony Bourdain and the travel channel to see that show, I wonder what would the viewers think about Saudi Arabia then. Oh - those Islamophobes are just trying to give Arabs a bad name, by reporting the truth.

BTW, next week airs the show with Bordain in Egypt. Looking forward to count Coptic Christian Egyptians telling us how wonderfully tolerant that place is.

Quick update
Through simply googling "goat beauty contest" - I found the following:

Apparently - it's a "scoop" - only if now is 2005... so this post is more of a "throwback" I guess.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Still scratching my head to figure out how Russians believe in their own propaganda

Here's a mild version in English showing the sort of hate Russia is spreading on their government mouth piece:
Pravda: Condoleeza Rice and the insult to international diplomacy

I won't quote - let's just say that it's a very childish "I hate you" letter with attempts to insult Condi. I've been told the Russian version is much worse and filled with expletives.

Every propagandist in Russia's favor is presenting the Russian claim of massacre of Russians in Osetia by Georgians on the day the Olympics started. Within minutes of the claim of 2000 dead, the Russian forces were "retaliating" by invading and bombing the heck out of Georgia. 2,000 dead in one day? Where's the proof? If there are 2,000 bodies - who killed them? The very second it supposedly happened - the Russians were already bombing? Notice how there aren't any journalists claiming it - only Russian officials and propagandists.

Here's a quote from the middle of an article from August 9th, by REUTERS:

Ukraine, a former Soviet republic whose pro-Western government now wants membership of NATO and the European Union, had encouraged Georgia to carry out "ethnic cleansing" in South Ossetia, the Russian foreign ministry said.

Russia, which sent in tanks to back the South Ossetians, said its forces had "liberated" the enclave's capital, but Georgia said Tskhinvali was under its "complete control".

A Russian journalist said the South Ossetian capital had been badly damaged. "The town is destroyed. There are many casualties, many wounded," Zaid Tsarnayev told Reuters from Tskhinvali.

Russian jets carried out up to five raids on mostly military targets around the Georgian town of Gori, close to the conflict zone in South Ossetia, a Reuters reporter at the scene said. At least one bomb hit an apartment block, killing 5 people.

A woman knelt in the street and screamed over the body of a dead man as the bombed apartment block burned nearby. Another old woman covered in blood stared into the distance and a man knelt by the road, his head in his hands.

In Tbilisi, people were nervous but defiant. Most supported Saakashvili but had been shocked by the Russian reaction.

"To fight Russia is crazy," said music studio owner Giga Kvenetadze, 30. "But I do support Saakashvili ... And what Russia is doing is wrong. They must stop."

Russia's ambassador to Georgia, Vyacheslav Kovalenko, said at least 2,000 civilians had been killed. Georgian officials said 129 Georgias had been killed and 748 injured.

It's a modus operandi of propagandists to make up massacres and try to completely distort reality - as was the case in Jenin.

Notice how from day one the Russians already marked their next target - Ukraine.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Just how stable is the nuclear nation of Pakistan when it's leader for the last 10 years must go into exile when he resigns?

Yahoo News/AP: Musharraf exit unlikely to undo Pakistan militants
Almost towards the end of the AP report, a tiny insignificant nugget pokes it's head:
The outgoing president's own future home may depend on the militant threat against him. He has survived multiple assassination attempts and there is speculation that he may seek exile abroad for his own safety.

I'm no expert on Pakistani politics but the basics are known to everyone. It's a nation carved out of India by Islamist separatism, fought brutal wars against it's neighbors, still in conflict, it's security forces are involved with the Taliban and facilitated Al Queda and Taliban control over Afghanistan.

Oh yeah, and they have nukes and sold their technology at the black market to rogue nations like Iran.

Democracy and freedom are noble causes - yet mishandling and inappropriate applications of freedoms to the wrong crowds give us abominations like Iran's Islamic Republic. In the name of rule of law - an ally in the war on terror is forced into protective exile. What's going to happen with Pakistan now? Not that it has ever been an island of moderation - but will it be the next stronghold of terrorism?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why do Israeli media keep accept and distribute Hezbollah propaganda?

Here's a snapshot from YnetNews - with the goat-man/fecal head/ goat sperm sprinkled bearded murderer grinning at our face:

Why is this allowed? Placing a carefully crafted insulting-propaganda sentence which was designed to link Georgia's shameful and cowardice military crumble with Israel. And Ynet, walla and many news forums in Israel accept it as a fact - and forward it as is to the readers or viewers.

Here are some suggestions to the numbnuts editing headlines on Israeli media:
  • Israel's enemies gloat at Georgia defeat, delusionally faulting Israel
  • Terrorist mocks Israel and Georgia, still hiding under a rock
  • Russia's slimiest ally grins
  • Hezbollah takes pride and credit in Georgia's misfortunes
  • Israeli media continue to whore to own enemies
It goes without saying - we could all do just fine without looking at that "face" when reading the news. How come every time this monster gives a speech - Israeli media folks jump off their chairs and accept every word he has to say.

People should demand better and more professional coverage and not the feminine screaming voices at the sound of an enemy agit-prop. This does not deserve the top headline on the page. It's not even news, it's propaganda. Shame and shame again.

Is it even worth trying to refute such garbage? Fine, here goes:

As many military analysts have pointed out earlier in the week - the Georgian president and army generals behaved quite arrogantly and stupidly aggravated their much superior and merciless neighbor to the north. They did not imagine that on the sight of Russian planes - their soldiers would flee as fast as they did. It's as simple as that - the Georgian soldiers fled before seeing battle and left the country defenseless. I'm not really blaming them though, if they had resisted then their country would have met with a fate similar to the Chechen - Georgia could have had it much worse than it is now.

I'll ask this plainly - who do you think Nasralla is akin to here - the Russians or the Georgians? Who is more afraid of the next war between Israel and his mini-kingdom? Who will pay the higher price for the next confrontation? The only fact is that Israelis do not want war - and the Arab leaders do not care much for the collateral damage afflicted on their "constituencies". Afraid they are indeed... why else hide under that rock?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

O'Reilly interviewed antisemitic conservative hack Buchanan again on Radio, hope not to see him on TV today.

Seriously, for the host of the #1 news show on TV to not get it - to purposely coddle with this vile creature is beyond annoying. O'Reilly - who gives a comfortable stage for CAIR's stooges to disperse their propaganda - who defended Jimmy Carter after he released his anti-Semitic book calling Israel an apartheid state - O'Reilly - who sees nothing wrong with prosecuting a student for hate crime, because he flushed a Koran. O'Reilly who refused to associate the French Intifada with Islam - that O'Reilly has the number one show on cable news channels, and he still sees nothing wrong with Buchanan. I stopped watching Hannity and Colmes a while ago, I still try to give Bill O'Reilly a chance - but he's really putting it to the test every time he calmly interviews an overt Anti-Semite and never challenges him on how his views always emerge from Jew-Hatred.

Buchanan the racist dog is not a valid pundit on the presidential race - he is a racist dog and ought to be shun by respectable news broadcasters and anchors.

I will forgo the attempt to prove how vile ol' Patty is. Here's a photo that should speak volumes, and for a full background - click on the photo for a search in LGF for Buchanan.

Is the only hope for Hamastan a mass conversion to Christianity?

I got the following video from Weasel Zippers where it was apperantly tipped off by a chain of other bloggers, I believe Elder of Ziyon found it first.

More great content at Elder of Ziyon:
Hamas leader's son converts to Christianity, loves Israel
Family denies son of Hamas leader converted to Christianity

And this:
More from Hamas leader's Christian son

I'm looking forward to a fox special and a full interview.

Car theft as a means of war against Jews - sounds like a joke, very serious issue

In an article in Hebrew on Haaretz's "Walla" site - a gang of car thieving Arabs some with Israeli citizenship was caught and it appears that while a few Jews were part of that gang, the gang made sure to return any vehicle it stole from an Arab by mistake to it's owner, while providing the Jewish vehicles to the PA (where other news bits let us know those are used by PA officials).

As is said in the article, this is nothing new - even before, Arab car thieves made sure to steal only from Jews. I'm wondering out loud - how many of the Arabs released on every "gesture" to Abbas are thieves? Even scarier - how many are rapists (of Jews only of course)? How many are drug dealers? Every further step in the shameful peace process is further danger to Israeli citizens.

There were enough instances where Arabs with Israeli citizenship who were already released from Jail for "criminal" actions and not "terrorist" ones joined the terrorists and either committed terror later on (like in Jerusalem the last 3 times), or provided logistic assistance with stolen vehicles. Arab criminals and Arab terrorists in Israel are intertwined. (It is also intertwined elsewhere, like south America, Michigan USA - and other places)

Arabs in Israel recruit criminal Arabs to participate in the war on Jews, and those Arab criminals are gleefully contributing their part to that war. With all that being said, it is just shamefully awful that Arab car thieves who are repeating offenders keep getting sentenced to short term incarcerations and are usually released earlier for "good behavior" (euphemism for not murdering anyone while in prison) or as "good will gesture in the peace process". Judges in Israel should stop sending participants in war on Jews to a 2 years resort for training and recruitment.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Russia's Leaders are Addicted to Evil

Evil tiny prick Putin reminds me of an old Visoztky song about the idiot who sat on different seats on his way to becoming the drunken idiot leader. Void of an ideology, Putin's Russia aggressively mimics some other dictator from the 1930-s. Putin the horrible Czar of Russia - is engaged in promoting world chaos. Abusing his possession of Nuclear arms, he first threatens then acts against neighboring nations. Anti missiles in eastern Europe from the US? Full throttle threats. Not your preferred candidate in Ukraine? Poison the opposite candidate. A spy spills the beans in England? Disregard their sovereignty (another nuclear nation BTW) and use radioactive poison to eliminate the nuisance. Russia then makes advanced firearms deals with the world's darkest regimes, who deliver it directly to terrorists like Hezbollah. Russia continues to abuse their position in the security council to obstruct any meaningful action against Iran's nuclear aspiration.

And then the invasion and the unrestrained assault on Georgia's civilians. What could be the excuse for this WW-II style bombardment? Has Georgia done Russia any harm at all? Simply the fact that the leader of Georgia is opposed to Russian influence is enough. While Georgia wanted the join the EU and NATO - Russia's objection kept them away and left them vulnerable. The result of this is visible today. Like Poland - Georgia is invaded and demolished and world keeps silence.

I'm not Georgian. I'm not Russian (but some of my relatives are). I have no reason to pick a side here. I view from aside and see how Georgia is punished harshly for no reason - and Georgian civilians are the ones taking the big burden.

Russia's ambassador to Israel said today that civilians in Georgia get hurt just like Israel kills civilians in Gaza. This is more than insulting. First and foremost - Israel did not target civilians. Russia did. What Russia is committing right now is an obvious war crime and Russia is a signatory on the Geneva convention which prohibits such action. Second, Georgia didn't do to Russia and Russian civilians what Gaza did. Israel did not supply "anti Gaza" terrorist with funds, training and arms as Russia did to Georgia. Israel keeps on feeding and funding the same monsters in Gaza who seek to destroy it - and Israel is being condemned by Russia for anything it did or didn't do in Gaza. Today is a great day to spit in that ambassador's face! Russia is controlled by an insane maniac - who switches chairs in government as he wishes while still holding the same position.

Exit question, what if he makes himself PM, President and Czar at once - would that complement and complete the picture above?!