Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Israel caves - allows "humanitarian truce" as demanded by UN/France, Hamas bombs Be'er Sheva

Truck loads of free food to terror supporting population of Gaza

CNN: Israel halts firing to allow aid into parts of Gaza

But what a surprise, like predicted - Hamas are just too blood thirsty:
Rockets fired at Beersheba

Iran is apparently humiliated by Israel's success in fighting Hamas, because today brings another development:
Nasrallah says Hizbullah ready to fight Israel - sperm sprinkled goat lover, still wastes air. Hope his stupidity and arrogance will soon lead to his demise. Seriously, I don't understand why the massive gatherings he visits aren't bombed. These are obviously not "innocent civilians".

Will non-Shiite in Lebanon still have a backbone to resist Hezbulla? Will they ask for any assistance from the pussy European soldiers at UNIFIL who are arguing they are not acting against Hezbollah because they are not requested to do so by government?
Hariri: Hezbollah will stay out of fight - Harriri, grow a pair - or you'll end up like your dad. How un-Arabic/un-Islamic of you and your fellow Sunni Arabs in Lebanon not to have avenged his death and instead sit at a government controlled by the murderers. Oh he doesn't know it was Hezbollah and Iran who did it? Really?

Iran has revealed itself finally, why start a loosing war which will at no doubt end with many casualties for Arabs and Muslims? YES IT IS ABOUT OIL!
Iranian official calls for using oil as weapon to end Gaza war - the title might suggest Iran is trying to use oil to influence the conflict, but it is obviously the other way around.

And so we continue:
Hamas says no to permanent ceasefire - I doubt you would see this headline much at CNN/BBC - yahoo!news, or anywhere else people accidentally get their news.
3-hr truce ends, Gaza battles resume

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