Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Derelict murderers use own children's school to shoot rockets at Jews

And the UN rushes to investigate and condemn Arab aggression... wait... no they didn't, wouldn't.

The following article is in Hebrew, but there is a video inside it (when browsed with IE).

BTW: Is this an UNRAW school? Was this funded by the UN with US tax money?

SNL sketch on democratic debate, no way... could this farce be real?!

Taken straight out of

The amazingly deaf league of candidates. No question can steer them away from talking about something completely different.

Why the heck are these kind of questions (AND ANSWERS) afloat in a presidential primary? Are they completely insane?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Derelict murderers demand a state NOW!

They demand a deadline to a final surrender by Israel.

I say, they should get a state - just as soon as they stop trying to murder all the Jews. Oh wait - that would infringe on their religion, wouldn't it? The religion of "peace" (once they slaughter everyone else and place their own people under a fascist regime).

BTW, a demand usually comes with an "or else" statement, why didn't AP/Yahoo put that part in the headline? Give in to our demands or we will... what? Throw flowers at the Jews? Stop bombing them? Stop desecrating their holy sites? Stop spreading blood libel against them? Stop handing candies to Arab children when Americans are murdered in New York? OR WHAT?!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Michigan - not so welcoming to Jews, not so surprised.

The latest affair in Michigan State University shines a bright light on the issue. There is no middle ground in Michigan. There are the Anti-Semites Arab sympathizers on the left, and the right wing Neo-Nazis on the right. That's it. When election time comes, the only reason politicians come to Michigan is to pander to Shea, Hezbollah supporters in Dearborn. With a doomed economy, corrupt and bankrupt government and such extremes scaring the living daylight of Jewish students across this state, is it any wonder that the deeply rooted Jewish community in Michigan is dwindling?

5 Reasons to HATE Google!

5 Reasons to HATE Google!
  1. Google earth – free satellite tool for terrorists
  2. Taking advantage of a monopoly status to crush petty competitors.
  3. You-Tube – owned by Google – promoters of Jihad, suppressors of anti-Jihad.
  4. Bans anti-lefty ads.
  5. Promotes anti-Semites on its ever-changing “fun” logo, while ignores American holidays.

1 reason not to hate Google:

  • This blog is hosted on, which is owned by Google.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How far left is the Israeli media? Even a cynic as I am amazed!

YNET - The Hebrew online news site of the leading Israeli news paper shows now a big title written in bold white over red titled "Terrorists in Beit-Shemesh", the subtitle tells about violence perpetrated by ultra orthodox Jews in that town against their own.

The Anti-Semites would really enjoy this had they been able to read Hebrew. A Jewish terrorist was spotted. Clicking on the headline leads to an op-ed which uses no such words. "Cape-Fear" is it's label, and probably rightly so as it describes mob like violence against religious people by their own. But Terrorists?! This is no act of naivety, lefties gone wild.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Rerun of failed terror cases

Since the evidence is clear and massive, as it was in the case of Sami El Arian, the questions are not:

Are they terrorists?
Are they guilty?
Is it wrong or immoral?

The only question is - Can a jury find a terrorist guilty if the victims are Jews in Israel?!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is this horrendous butchery in Pakistan the opening shot of a civil war?

How strong/weak is the current regime? How many soldiers are still being held hostage in northern Pakistan - and why in the world doesn't Musharaf ASK the US to assist there?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WWIII clock is ticking

I guess I didn't pay attention to the details since this is "old news". The Russians, not content with the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact to shame their nation for eternity have apparently formed an alliance with Iran and other countries around the Baltic sea.

The times-online tries to hide the facts by placing it within a mislabeled article. Putin did a lot more than promise nuclear energy to Iran - he formed a military alliance and that should have been the title to begin with.

What's more outrageous - Syria with nukes or UN covering up?!

Grrrr... Infuriating

The UN is not just corrupt! It is CRIMINAL.

Why do the French hate their elected president so?

Or do they? Perhaps it is just the media that is spreading vicious rumors and blames him for being "a mossad agent". While previously the French media yawned and simply did not report of their own politicians personal lives, their mistresses, their wives, their overt corruption - it is on the attack when it comes to Nicolas Sarkozy. Why? Isn't it obvious?

The current elites at the helms of the media at France are remnants of the Chirac era. Now that their beloved adulterer and panderer to Arabs is under several corruption investigations, now that Sarkozy is aligning with the US and with Israel against the Jihadis and against Iran - now they reveal their claws and fangs. I'm just waiting for them to begin using slurs while they report - not to mention racial ones.

As requested, here are a few links I managed to harvest in a half an hour:
Rumors of Sarkozy being a Mossad agent - this has been maliciously redistributed by Iranian news sources over the last month and several anti-Semite blogs have picked on to this story and further developed it in their imagination...

For the scandalous coverage of the Sarkozy couple problem, it is plastered over the front pages of French and Swiss news papers, in particular: Le Parisian.

Israeli news paper Maariv - their online version and their reported Or Heler have been "reporting" (translating/plagiarizing) directly from the Parisian papers for months:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

All of the Maariv articles are reporting from the news papers in France in Hebrew. All of which show unprecedented invasion of privacy in the French politics. It is only ironic (moronic too) that 60 minutes stooped to the same level of questions.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore joins other famous people in accepting Nobel prize

... People such as Jimmy Carter, Yasser Arafat... you know.

The most unimportant prize in the world. It should be renamed to the "irony reward".

What secret arm keeps trying to appoint Hamas operatives to government positions here in the US?


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yearning for Ann in Ann Arbor

A few questions I'm asking my self right now:
  • Was Ann Coulter manipulated and then made to look like an Anti Semite?
  • Was she just being honest about her beliefs while Deutsch was pretending to take offense?
  • How far will the left take this in an attempt to divide Jews and Republicans?

Post note
Was she high? Who offers a member of another religion to join him in Church on television?! Oh brother.

The not so cold anymore war

The Muqata: Electromagnetic Terror Attack against Israel

Turks begging for trouble

They are "infuriated" that US congress decided to label the genocide the Ottoman empire committed upon Armenians as genocide, and called for their ambassador to return for a limited time back home.

They are also threatening to invade Iraq - while US forces are there - to combat the Kurds. Does anyone remember how they chose not to let the US use Turkey as a base for attacks against Saddam Hussein? Great "ally" they turned out to be.

Turkey is apparently bent on choosing to confront the US, this probably has something to do with the fact that radical Muslims are at the helms.

Changing their constitution to revert the equality of women is just a phase in a grander scheme. Turkey has always been an example to the western world that democratic values are compatible with Muslim population. Winds of change?

The Turks seem to cuddle with Bashar Assad and Mahmud Ahmedinajad. They aren't only reverting their political system to resemble Iran - they are aligning themselves with the US's most prominent enemies.

If anything - they should be begging for forgiveness and better relations - but the "proud Muslims" seem to be irrationally devoted to destroying their ties to the west.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Johannesburg and Detroit should be declared twin cities

They have so much in common.

I followed Gates of Vienna (link on the right), to "Death of Johannesburg" blog, linked here. It's not about race - it's about the collapse of law and order, with the added value of extreme demographic changes.

Warning - some comments on that blog are from racists. I do not condone it.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Monday, October 01, 2007

The State of Israel formally acuses France 2 of blood libel

From Ynet

This letter, sent from the prime minister's office in response to requests to deny journalism certificate from France 2 officials affirms the state of Israel's position that France 2 had took actions to defame Israel through a vicious blood libel. Let's see who in the west would care to comment about that.

Well - it appears that while an official in the prime minister office might be able to grow some balls, the prime minister and his stuff are still missing theirs. Haaretz reports that "officials in the prime minister's office claim the letter was not approved by the office". What a schmuck that PM.

Several weeks later, Assad claims Israel attacked "Empty Buildings"

The plot thickens.

First - they claimed to chase the Israeli airplanes away. Now the head serpent claims that only empty buildings were attacked. Back when Israel bombed an Islamic Jihad training camp a few years ago, the Syrians were quick to claim that Israel targeted an "abandoned camp". They were even in a hurry to show photos. Well - Well, it takes them 4 weeks to come up with an official lie this time, and without photos. Does anyone need any bigger indications that it was a HUGE blow to Assad?