Friday, January 23, 2009

Israelis Deal with Lying Arab Doctor Propaganda, Unaware - Rest of World Doesn't Care

By rest of the world, I don't mean the Arab world - who does not care that Palliwood is striking back. The only truth the Arab world is ready to accept is that Gazans are both victims, and victorious - and Israel is always at fault. Trying to convince the Arab world otherwise or that it was deceived by Hamas as was the case with Al-Dura - is futile.

Background: During the recent operation in Gaza, an Arab doctor was on the phone each day with Israeli reporters on TV. Apparently his home was hit while on the phone and he was screaming "the IDF killed my daughters".

Israel evacuated the Doctor and his dead and wounded family members. While in the hospital, the Doctor took the opportunity to conduct a press conference slamming the IDF for killing his daughters.

After a few days, Israel began proclaiming the Doctor was lying. The shrapnel extracted from the bodies belonged to Hamas' rockets. Today Israel's channel 2 news reported that there are numourous evidences including video tapes proving the Doctor was lying.

Israelis usually consume their news from Hebrew websites, Hebrew news on TV, Hebrew newspapers, Hebrew Radio - you get the picture. I'm sure that with all the media this case is getting in Israel, Israelis are simply unaware that the world simply doesn't care.

There are a lot of things happening right now, and the only reasons the global media attention might shift focus back to Israel and Gaza's false victimhood is to:

A. Divert attention from the global financial collapse - such as is happening right now in England, or the creeping socialism being imposed on the USA.
B. If something truly grandiose is to happen - not to Israelis - not to Arabs - to many Arabs by Israelis.

Hebrew Sources to this post:
Hebrew news discussion board
Israel's Channel 2 interview with Golani commander: "Doubt Doctor's Girls Died from Israeli Shell"

English background source:
Haaretz:Gaza doctor buries three daughters, visits 4th in Israeli hospital

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