Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oscar nomination for terrorism - who's surprised?

As my stomach fluids rush towards their nearest exit, I read about yet another lefti obsequiousness in honor of the new age Nazis. "Paradise now", reality and compassion later. Much later. First let's kill all the Jews.

A Jew should know who his friends are, hint: They're not in holywood. Nowadays, that's where they celebrate the attempt to extermination in the name of Allah.

Peace be with you, and may you know no sorrow, as have the Jews in Israel.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

How long has passed? Does anyone care or even remember the victims at Tel Aviv?

Shawarma Mayor. Another scene of a horrific act of genocide ideology driven Nazi PA-s, has been erased from the minds of world news consumers. The main stream media is too busy explaining to the world that Hamas are good and Israel is bad. "Paradise Now" is good, self defense is bad. "Democracy" with terrorists is good - common sense is bad.

People - how can it be forgotten? How come victims of modern Jihad are let to bleed alone in the dark without a helping and comforting hand?

Last week we were informed that the elections in the Nazi-PA were a good thing by the president of the United States. He made this statement in between getting baffled by a microphone and a video camera hanging loose above his head. This is because the Yale graduate who cannot form a single coherent sentence cannot bring himself to admit how disastrous his policies are. Be a man bush - make one single act of compassion in your term. Go visit some victims in Hospitals. There are many flavors to choose from. FEMA victims - who were abandoned by the government at their worst time of need, soldiers coming back from Iraq, Iraqis in hospitals, Israelis, and many more surviving tokens to this administration's inaction and idiocy. All I'm asking is some compassion. Remember the victims. They are people, stop sweeping human suffering under the rug, burring your head in the sand, and then tell us all that the Hamas victory is legitimate.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Wait - I can see the future - it's all dark

Here are a few unbelivable things that WILL happen whether we like ot or not:
1. Hamas will rule the nazi PA
2. Israel will allow it
3. Israel will keep paying the nazis sallaries, so will Europe and the US, whatever the horrible excuse will be.
4. Israel will be pressured to negotiate with terrorists. Israel will make more concessions
5. Israel will be blamed for every drop of blood spilled by Palestinians. Jews or Arabs, it will always be Israel's fault.
6. The world press, world left forums, academia throughout europe and the US will celebrate Hamas's rule and continue to blame Jews for everything wrong in the world.
7. A few more golden globe and oscars would be given to terrorist causes.
8. The Israelis will elect a new lefti government. One which will do nothing to stop terror until the daily toll becomes too horrible to endure.
9. Although the Israeli government will do nothing to protect Israel's Jewish residents, it will be portraid throughout the world as child murderers of poor PA-s.

Does this sound a brave new world too hard to imagine? Review the news reports from the latest few years. It already has.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

How about letting the IRA rule Ireland while indorsing terror against Brits?

In this well predicted horror show, the group leading the march to exterminate Jews has won parliament control in the Palestinian Authority. A “successful” result of Bush’s agenda to promote democracy in the Middle East. It is redundant to discuss whether or not this is desired to anyone. It is, however, comparable to the rise of the Nazis. This is the result of the stupid policy of George W Bush.

Where have you brought us Bush? Deep in the terror mud in Iraq, Hezbollah is still in power in Lebanon, The US is reluctant to take any measures against the Iranians due to its situation in Iraq, and now this: Nazis in control over a state-like entity.

Are we in a war against Terror, or for it? In the test of time – did we promote peace and democracy, or advance terror, Islam and theocracy?

Hamas is now in control over Bethlehem. The Christian Arabs under rule of the PA will now suffer an even greater oppression. The end result of the Oslo accords was supposed to be the deliverance of old Jerusalem with its holy places to the PA. That includes ALL the churches in Jerusalem. ALL the churches in Jerusalem would now be placed under extremely militant Islamic rule.

Thanks FAGS!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

And the Golden Globe goes to

Shawarma Mayor. A restaurant in a poor section of Tel Aviv has just become another victim of world leftism and global Jihad.

Quoting “Team America”: THANKS FAG. THIS IS THE FAG WAY. (Film Actors Guild)

In my words: Thanks Golden Globe. I can see direct line between rewarding pro terrorist propaganda films with awards, and what has just happened.

I have a question for the people who give such awards – did you do it because you simply hate Jews? Would you give an award like that to a film portraying Neo-Nazis as victims of world Jewish conspiracy and concludes with the murder of Jews?

If one chooses to be a leftist today - must he declare his antisemitism as the critics who gave the award have?