Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I don't get it, I'm sorry.

Clicked on ad on hot-air, found my self staring at this screen:
Pajamas TV > Conservatism 2.0 Conference
Featuring Glenn Reynolds, Michelle Malkin and Joe The Plumber

Is this a joke? I thought Joe was an entertaining campaign icon, a really nice guy being paraded like a cartoon to advance a candidate he didn't even like. But is he a revered right-wing pundit?

I'm confused, I don't get it - and I'm sorry if my readers disagree.

Also, I would not continue carrying a somewhat pejorative addendum to my name. It's like a blue color comedy tour with 'get'r'done' cable guy. I get it - he's a plumber. Right now, he's also a book author. A media figure. A nice guy who might be overstaying his welcome in the spotlight. Seriously, people need a rest from the crowd that lost the last campaign for presidency. (Much like we all need a rest from Al-Gore, but never got it)

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