Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I feel someone should state the obvious

The Palestinians are calling for “an exchange of prisoners”. This statement is a distortion of reality. Israel holds prisoners, people who have participated in acts of terror, helped such acts or planned them. This includes murderers but also logistic supporters. Israel does not hold political prisoners or simple civilians against which there is no evidence. That is the definition of holding a prisoner. Israel does not however hold prisoner of war – such prisoners would have had to be captured during a declared war between two states. The PA – if it were a state – would have had to acknowledge that the people Israel is holding were its soldiers who were acting under direct orders from the PA leadership. This would shift the status of Abu-Mazen, Arafat, Dahalan, Hania, and the rest of the bunch from a so called “political branch”/”political leaders” etc to a full blown “War criminals”. Consider the fact that even the “Arab prostitute” UN chief Anan acknowledged that homicide bombing are war crimes. But that would not be were it ends, no one in history released war criminals in any prison exchange. Therefore, if the Palestinians in Israeli jails were prisoners of war they and the Palestinian leadership would be war criminals. As of now – they are terrorists serving their time.

But what about the Israelis held by Palestinians? Are they prisoners? If they were – then where is the jail? On what grounds were they held? Did any of them commit any crime by any law? Of course not! Innocent civilians abducted in broad day light from their neighborhood street are not prisoners – they are abductees held by terrorists. The soldier for that matter – is still not a prisoner of war, if he were then what is said in the first paragraph would again apply to the leadership and lower level terrorists. If he were a prisoner of war, then the PA would have to abide by the Geneva Convention and allow the Red Cross to visit him.

It is all too obvious but has to be said. I can imagine that some air heads in the west actually think there is equality between abducted Israeli civilians and terrorists sitting in Israeli jail.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finally, a response! But are the right goals at sight?

Minister Perets and Prime spaghetti Olmert have both spoken about the kidnapping as the reason, stating that if the soldier is released, the attack would stop. Let’s get this straight: Bomb a city within a country; that’s OK. Attack soldiers – not?

Both should not be! Attacking an army post within a country is an act of war unless a war is already on its way. But so is attacking civilian population with mortar shells. The latter just happens to be a war crime.

Let’s hope the Israeli troops aren’t placed like ducks on a range and the goals of this counter attack are focused on delivering a strong message, if not rooting out terrorism (which would be my preferred choice). The message should not be: “don’t kidnap”. Nor should it be “do not fight with our soldiers”. The message should be clear; SURRENDER to peace – live peacefully with your neighbors.

For some reason – Palestinians just don’t follow reason – they think they can attack and murder people while whining about being somehow the victims. No one can and no one should be allowed to get away with such evil.

One more note: If the intention of the latest destruction of bridges and the capture of Gaza's southern border is to verify that the kidnapee is not moved out of Rafah - isn't it a bit late? Isn't it late by like 72 hours?

What I would do with Gaza – Put a siege

Time to let the blood thirsty population of Gaza get a taste from the stew they’ve been brewing.
Here are a few steps, not to be undone before a full surrender is given and all terrorists are disarmed:
  1. Stop electricity (for which the Israeli citizens pay)
  2. Stop all traffic in and out and through the sea.
  3. Stop any gas lines, and all water lines.
  4. Cut the phone lines
  5. Build a deep water tunnel between Egypt and Gaza. Continuously bomb around it to shake the ground and let all smuggler tunnels be crushed/flooded
  6. Arrest every affiliate of Hamas, every government member in the West bank
  7. Shoot at every palestinian who holds arms. On sunday a war was declared against Israel - it is time to shoot back.
Then - Just wait - no more then 4 days - it could all be over.
It is the humane thing to do. Anything less is a disgrace.

Monday, June 26, 2006

24 Hours ultimatum, but when do you start counting

Let's say you start counting at the moment the kidnapping happened - you should have bombed Gaza by now. If you ment "starting" when you said it, let's say 7pm sunday by Israeli time - Tanks should have entered Gaza.

Ok - maybe I'm the stupid here, let's say you ment 24 hours ultimatum from midnight Israeli time... so tanks should enter now? How about after your ultimatum was answered by 3 rockets? How about when Hamas leaders can't stop rolling on the floor with laughter? How about now? Can you hear now? Maybe its the cell phone company?

Of WMD-s and rhetoric regarding Israel’s “would be” response

The “Lovely Palestinians” have declared they have WMD-s. It is clear they got it from a 3rd party (Pick one: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya – they all have/had it). It is not likely they would make it up. Not only do these degenerates brag about possessing this evil, they make threats of using it. Yes – genocide has become the official policy. Can’t say that it got big headlines over at AP and Al-Routers (I know I misspell them, it’s on purpose)

Some blogs who support Israel claim that “if so and so”, if they would actually use it against Israel – surely the Israelites who have known the consequences of laying low while genocide is committed against them – would rise and make a final decisive blow against Arab presence through a last resort “ethnic cleansing”.

Baloney (I hate this word). No one would dare – and no one would support it. The weak and cowardly government of Olmert, with his far left wing coalition comprised from the labor party would never make any decisive move. But even a far right wing government would not do so. So stop writing stupid things. In case Israel would be attacked by Mustard Gas, Nerve Gas or others, it would still only seek to punish the lower level terrorist. It would not drive the population out; it would not incarcerate the leaders – nothing.

Did anyone notice any military response to the latest Military Attack - Act of War against Israel?! It sounds like if John Kerry or Murtha would run this country - that's how they would have responded as well. :-(

Friday, June 23, 2006

Stop the Jizya! Stop looking for ways to help them

Those poor and miserable Palestinians! They must be fed; nurtured; pat on the back until they burp and then let them play with some toddler toys. Grown men and women who cannot produce anything but terror. Can’t create jobs, can’t educate, can’t research, can’t develop, can’t build. They can however threat everyone – I mean everyone – with more violence. Their dreams are of world dominance as they recently claimed on their television channel. In the meanwhile: “Feed me” - “Feed! Me! Wa Wa Wa”

Why are world power so concerned with feeding them? Even if they pay money directly to those parasites bank accounts – why? All that they do is allow their terrorist government to invest more money into murdering Jews and training the next world terrorist (like the shoe bomber, or British Pakistani terrorists).

Even if you give them food and not money (which is not the case) – that still only releases more of their own funds for terror. Why do anything for these people while they are adamant regarding their primitive dominance aspirations?

It is high time to turn the tables – to start demanding – to stop the special treatment of this imbecile world body child: UNRWA – the biggest farce of them all. Palestinians are not refugees – and if they were – then there is a different body within the UN which was supposed to take care of them. UNRWA instead hires the Palestinians, pays them salaries, and finances their school which teach anti Semitic and false history curriculum. I don’t know about you – but where I live – medical treatment is expensive. For Palestinians – it’s free. Free for them that is – but not for us – who pay taxes in the US, while the US funds the UN which funds UNRWA. For god’s sake – why?

If the US pays for their schooling, then the US should dictate the curriculum, and have it pass strict criteria. Stop letting them saw the seeds of hate and murder. Stop letting HAMAS and FATAH run their own schools on US’s expense.

“But they are very poor, they have no industry, no economy …” bla bla bla! Shut up! In every nation there are people more deserving for such help. I care more for Katrina victims, for Darfur victims, for tsunami victims, for terror victims. Yes – those illusive people who suffered terror need help. They deserve help. Unemployed residents of Sderot deserve financial help far more than Palestinians simply because they are the victims of the rockets shot by the Palestinians. It’s a type of a cycle – the world pays the Palestinians – the Palestinians destroy everything around them – people at Israel suffer and retaliate - the world cries for the poor Palestinians. I wouldn’t call it a cycle of violence, I call it the cycle of stupidity perpetuated and financed by world powers.

In a normal society – one in which people care for their children, for the future – one in which leaders care for the future of their nation – the humongous financial support bestowed upon the Palestinian population thus far, and in the future, would have built at the very least some sort of an economy. Some sort of an ability to rule, ability to legislate and enforce some civilian laws. As it so happens, the Palestinian authority is a Mafia heaven. A pure and simple Jungle of lawlessness.

As long as those people are not held accountable for their own doing, their own horrible homicide driven doing, there is no hope for them. Stop paying them; stop financing them all together in all forms and shapes!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Of Muslim Rage

How often do we hear about grievances from our Muslim neighbors? They “care” so dearly for their “brothers” in the Middle East. They pretend to care for every Palestinian dying, but only raise the voice when the blame is on Israel, not their own. They care for Jihad leaders dying in Lebanon, but not for reforming politicians and former heads of states like Hariri. They “care” for “innocent” civilians killed by US marines, but not a peep about the scores massacred in mosques by Jihadists. The examples of such “care” are too staggering to keep track of.

The issue as I see it, is that they “care” only when it serves as a good excuse for violence against the west. It so happens that every petty crime or a big plot to murder always finds an excuse. In that sense, they will NEVER run out of excuses, and contrary to the left’s point of view, no matter how much appeasement is served, they will NEVER stop attacking. With regards to the left, it does seem it will never learn.

If one would just try observing the situation objectively he would find that the west, the Israelis, the Republicans, the British government, are all trying to do the same – bring peace and stability, root out violence as a political tool in the Middle East. Some might say this is ridiculous considering the Military involvement, to them I would answer that all military actions the west has carried were either retaliatory, preemptive, or peace keeping tasks gone badly due to malicious intent from the local population.

The facts are clear: Israel has been trying to construct peace with its neighbors, while all the Arabs do in response is attempt to murder more Jews. The US is trying to install stable governments based on peaceful democratic tools; there are no exploitive agendas there. The US wishes to withdraw and has never expressed will to rule, convert, or construct an empire. Now look at the other side of the equation, I see no need to elaborate on the Jihadists activities. But instead, look at what the Muslims in the US, Canada, and England are saying. They pretend it is all a plot to “kill innocent Muslims”.

Can’t argue with purposely deceitful agitators.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

About arrogance and stupidity

While running on a socialist ticket, the leader of the Israeli labor party took the stunning step of assuming the role of the minister of defense. Baffling as that may sound; his policies as a minister are shining a clearer light on his stupidity and arrogance. The man cannot shut up. After minor retaliations and practically lowering the military responses to Arab bombardments of towns in Israel, he went ahead and bragged that his policy of restrain has succeeded and there are no more rocket attacks.

Wrong, arrogant and stupid. More rockets today - Surprised?

Here’s a suggestion: Stop talking! For every missile fired on you, fire 10 back, unapologetic, stop making excuses, stop laying low and expressing sorrow whenever the other side suffers for this. Let them beg you to stop. If you are really worried about pressure from international community – stop answering the phone.

An elected official in any country should focus on the outrage of his constituency over being shelled by rockets, and stop being so chatty and apologetic regarding casualties with the enemy camp.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Watch as hypocrisy unravels

Very important update: Multiple sources point out inconsistancies and lies regarding the source of the explosion at Gaza and the number of people hurt. It turns out that we are probably looking at another made up excuse to lauch attacks against Jews and recruit for Jihad.

It has been some busy days of world events. First a known butcher terrorist from Iraq is taken out of the equation. Then Israel takes out his clone from Gaza. The world press ignored the Israeli assassination since they were too busy covering Zarqawi. For the most part, the press did a good job identifying Zarqawi with evil, terror, and murder. Some outlets were less clear, such as BBC and (of course) Al Jazira. They should merge into one broadcasting network called Al-BBC-ira.

But now that a full 24 hours have passed, it is OK for the press to make a blunder out of a new development in the Middle East. The headlines scream: “Palestinians killed on Gaza beach” or “Air strikes, shelling kills 10 Palestinians”. Really? That’s the news?

Only if you follow the situation there closely through Israeli websites such as you might know what is going on. The MSM are doing their best to tell you half truths and complete distortions.

Here is what I managed to gather regarding the last few days. Every day in the months following the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, the Lovely Palestinians (LP for short) have been bombarding Israeli towns surrounding Gaza. This includes yesterday and today. Businesses, The electric company, schools, private homes, and Sea ports were hit. To what extent was the damage we cannot know because Israel was trying to put a lead on it. Let’s just say that if you are a kid in Kindergarten and a bomb falls on the classroom you just stepped out of, you might be lucky enough to live, but are surely scarred for life. Earlier this week, Israel gave the LP government an ultimatum – either stop – or we shoot back. This was mentioned on the site “debkafiles”.

After yesterday’s assassination, more bombardments have occurred. This morning Israel shot 3 more terrorists as they were trying to shoot missiles. These 3 are counted in the headlines above.

Guess what happened next? More missiles. Since no session of fire occurred, despite repeated warnings and ultimatums someone in the army DISOBEYED ORDERS and shot artillery indiscriminately on Gaza beach. This took the lives of approximately 12 more LP-s. How do we know that it was not the order given (despite the ultimatum)? All you have to do is read and listen to what the Israeli PM, minister of defense, and generals are saying. It is clear and with absolute contrast to what the LP-s were saying and doing with their missiles. They said “Stop firing everything now”. The generals said – we never targeted that beach, and no order was given to fire there. The government expressed sorrow. No one was celebrating in the streets, no one even comes out to say – that this is what should have been done. It was either a mistake during retaliation, or (for once a real) rouge weed.

But the MSM reports it backwards. Surprise. First – let’s count how many LP are dead. The let the demagogue terrorists do their dance of blood blaming Israel for everything. They are comfortably forgetting that they started bombing, are still bombing, and are hiding behind their LP civilians.

Pay attention to the Al-Routers version of events. No mention of the LP missiles fired at Israel. Israel at some points is referenced as the “Jewish State”.

It is sometimes not a matter of taking sides, but a matter of enjoying the deaths of the people you pretend to take sides with. Misses “Nidal al-Mughrabi” of Al-Routers is clearly a tool in the Media Jihad. Had she cared at all about the LP-s she would have let them share the responsibility for what is happening. Instead, her version of reporting focuses on telling half truths in order to incite revenge attacks against “the Jewish state”.

Pay attention to the use of phrase “the Jewish state”. It is there to remind the angry Muslims that they should punish the “Jews”, and those who chose to allow them to have a “State”.

My prediction, given how much many in the West are sick to the stomach with the LP-s and the Jihadists, is that only several far left and Scandinavians would bother to condemn Israel. Everyone else will be more focused on their summer vacation and the soccer world cup. This might cause more harm though, since Jihadist would use today as pretence to attack at Germany while teams from many nations gather to celebrate peace through sports.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Perhaps someone should have mentioned this before we set the Iraqis "free"

Who are the Iraqis and Arabs in general? A quick reminder is found here.

It was my opinion all along that the Iraqis deserved Saddam and his sons. It is not just a historical anecdote; it is a long lasting testimony regarding the nature of Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East.