Thursday, October 30, 2008

The best thing about this election

The best thing about this election is that it will soon be over. The worst is - that many other things might also be soon over because of it. Things like freedom of speech, capitalist markets and the American dream.

Random stuff:

The best thing about Israel going into an election is that Olmert will FINALLY go away. The worst is - who knows what kind of a spaghetti of a Knesset and government the Israeli public might get.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself

Franklin D. Roosevelt

This time, we have many things to fear.

Is it true? Did the Gap endorse voter fraud?!

First Acorn, now The Gap - next Banana Republic and Old Navy. Pretty soon - all we will have left is a Banana Republic. (my attempt at humor...) Wikipedia says it's pejorative. We should call it Obama Republic. Or perhaps the People's Republic of Obama's America.

Did you catch that sun rising to become an Obama campaign icon? Didn't that remind of you of the cheapest communist propaganda? Obama, like Stalin - the sunshine of the nations. Blech.

I'm sick of Acorn. Calling McCain a racist with no basis is appalling. It's their job? To create racist strife? I'd fire your asses you bigots. Actions like this make me wonder - if Obama wouldn't win, will Acorn and their racist ilk promote riots?

Let this election be over with already, at least those dirty mudslingers will be silent for a while.

We should remember, the Acorn doesn't fall far from the tree:

But don't link The One to Acorn, that will be racist:

At this point, sneezing would be racist.

Did you catch Obama's infomercial?

Did you buy the Obama Gazelle 3000?

Obama zombies, it's not too late to change your mind, and vote against a communist messiah. There's hope: Obama Speechwriter Jumps Ship

There are people who really hate this blog. There's an aggregator site which lets people rank my posts. Some rank it 0 or 1 or 2 out of 5. You hate this blog? I hate you back... I rank you 0 as well. Seriously, if you think I'm wrong to be pissed about google using Nazi websites as news sources, and rank that 0 - I rank you 0. If there's a time to use foul language, it's when you encounter Nazis.

It's Thursday. At least it's not Monday...

Trick Or Treat!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is LA Times covering for Obama's Anti Semitic, Anti Israeli hateful words?

The only way to know is to actually see the tape. But LA times won't - so the rumors fly. LA Times - obstructing the democratic process by refusing the "public's right to know". News media weren't so timid to release national secrets regarding surveillance systems, or to hurt America's name with obsessive coverage of Guantanamo, Abu Ghareib, or fabricated Kuran flushing. Is the media the enemy? I'm not saying that - but you are certainly allowed to deduct that.


Doug Ross has received a tip from a reader he says has been reliable in the past, with some inside information on the videotape that the Los Angeles Times continues to hide:
Saw a clip from the tape. Reason we can’t release it is because statements Obama said to rile audience up during toast. He congratulates Khalidi for his work saying “Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine” plus there’s been “genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis.”

It would be really controversial if it got out. That’s why they will not even let a transcript get out.

Caveat: I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this. However, it certainly would explain why the LA Times is suppressing the video.

I can't vouch nor speculate and I did mention this is nothing but a rumor. But the blame for allowing such rumors to be spread is on the news organization who is deliberately hiding the truth.

Exit question: Anyone remember Pallywood's Al Dura Case and France 2's refusal to show the tape to the court? Do you think it is that different this time?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Did Obama send the most annoying person in the world to Foxnews on purpose?

He's rude, doesn't let the interviewer finish a sentence. If you ask him to pause and listen - he deliberately continues to talk to annoy you. He never answers accusations, only says "that's not what the American public wants to talk about". Then, he usually says the normal liberal spin "why don't you talk about the issues?", by which he means the issues that he thinks are winning an election for him - regardless of his lies. Then he smiles - cause he knows he got to you. He angered you. That's what he wanted to do. That smugness is a mirror reflection of his candidate. I'm better than you - and you are all "evil right wingers". Boo hoo - foxnews aren't in our pockets.

Bill Burton - smug smiley slime.

Bill Burton - nothing to see here.

Not real news. Smug snot.

This is the same tool bag, who in Obama's name, was making fun of McCain Vietnam wounds - which is the reason McCain can't use a computer.

"Out of touch" - because he was tortured and wounded.
(All videos found on

Is this horrible troll going to be the press secretary? Will the "smear Joe" left wing media ever ask this media-rat a tough question if he is?

IBD: Obama, like Arafat - No Friend of Israel

IBD: No Friend Of Israel

Barack Obama tells Israel's supporters he's on their side. But he's using the playbook of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian terrorist who said one thing to the West and another to the radicals who supported him.

As far as we know, Obama never met or publicly supported Arafat. But in 2003 he did attend a farewell party for an Arafat associate. Peter Wallsten reported in April in the Los Angeles Times that Obama was at an event held as a tribute for Rashid Khalidi, an "internationally known scholar, critic of Israel and advocate for Palestinian rights" who was leaving Chicago for a job in New York.

Khalidi has not been accused of terrorism. But it's alleged that he has links to the Palestine Liberation Organization, which has a terrorist pedigree, and he does hold some rather virulent views on Israel, calling it a racist state.

While he has publicly opposed attacking Israeli civilians, Khalidi does, according to accounts of a speech he made to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, have a different view of "the ones who are armed, the ones who are (Israeli) soldiers, the ones who are in occupation" of Palestinian lands, because "that's resistance."

Whether the Khalidi farewell was a "Jew-bash," as one blog labeled it, is not evident, as the video that Wallsten was apparently working from won't be released to the public.

But Wallsten revealed enough by writing that Obama was a "frequent dinner companion" of Khalidi and has been present at events, such as the farewell party for Khalidi, "where anger at Israeli and U.S. Middle East policy was freely expressed."

At that function, one speaker said that if Palestinians cannot secure their own land, "then you will never see a day of peace." Another, Wallsten wrote, "likened 'Zionist settlers on the West Bank' to Osama bin Laden."

This is the sort of company that Obama keeps. It's no surprise, though, because Obama has surrounded himself with racist, anti-American ministers (Jeremiah Wright, Michael Pfleger), an unrepentant terrorist (Bill Ayers, who has links to Khalidi through a foundation he and Obama worked on together), radical groups (ACORN, the New Party) and a convicted felon (Tony Rezko).

In addition to dining often with him, Khalidi held a fundraiser for Obama's failed 2000 congressional campaign. He knows the Illinois senator well enough to say that he's "the only candidate who has expressed sympathy for the Palestinian cause."

This should be enough for Obama supporters who stand behind Israel to rethink their vote. Those concerned about honesty and integrity should do the same, since Obama has sworn to be a friend of Israel.

Obama's deception reminds us of the way that Arafat tolerated Israel when talking to the Western media, but had the tongue of a terrorist when speaking in Arabic to radical Palestinian elements. Arafat said what he needed to say to keep his position of power. Obama will say anything to get elected, and then do another to achieve his goal of cutting off oxygen to Israel, the only freely elected government and U.S. friend in the region, outside of the newly formed Iraq.

Investor Business Daily are one of the few honest media outlets out there.

Why does Google-News use US-Nazi propaganda sites as news sources?

I searched "anti semitic attack" on, and reached this:

"The Holocaust Blackmail Game-Boy"

I’ve come to believe that the truth is anti-Semitic even though most of the Jews in Israel are not Semitic to begin with …although the Palestinians are.

Let every Zionist who engages in and supports the lies and murders of this parasite nation be transported to Israel and let that wall they are building be built to encircle the original borders… not to keep their imaginary enemies out but to keep them in for the safety of the world. Since we are the scum beneath their boots let them enjoy their racist superiority among their fellows and leave the rest of us alone.

I didn't link, if you really need - copy and paste to the address bar. It's the most despicable antisemitic piece of garbage I've seen in a while. AND I FOUND IT ON GOOGLE NEWS! This is what Google considers a news source?! WHAT THE F@@@@@@@@@K?!

Monday, October 27, 2008

O'Reilly telling Radio Listeners - Don't Vote Obama!


I noticed before how he was one of the first to catch on to Obama's socialist tendencies, where Obama answered O'Reilly in an interview that "it's neighborly". O'Reilly too noticed the 2001 radio interview and said his to listeners that people don't understand the consequences of Obama's wealth redistribution. He said - look at Europe, they're weak - is that what you want here? He later went on to warn that loons like Al Franken might get elected and are going to put American voters families in danger.

O'Reilly isn't convinced Obama is a radical "yet". I am though.

Please don't make the following a reality in the USA:

Face it, when nobody is allowed to be legally poor - everybody is eventually forced to be poor. When wealth is redistributed, effort becomes illegal.

Geraldo Riviera: I was Friends with Yasser Arafat

I was friends with Yasser Arafat...

Douche Bag supreme. Of course he backtracks - well, not friends, I was friendly...
Liberals flipping wings trying to excuse Wright/Obama/Ayers - friendship.

Hotair, Little Green Footballs, all paid attention to Obama's interview from 2001 - wanting a socialist revolution to replace the constitution. Riviera's excuse - "come on - the American voter rejected that". People, reject Obama's Marxism - before it's too late.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sound The Alarm Indeed

Found this on

The source is this site:

Like in sci-fi movies, just because we have a glimpse into the future, does not mean the history of the future has necessarily been written. It's a preventable future. You know what to do... (besides killing robots...)

P.S. Obama said in 1995, whites should redistribute their wealth to inner city kids. Really.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eye On The World: Ayers’ Weathermen planned to kill 25 million Americans that couldn’t be re-educated

Eye On The World: Ayers’ Weathermen planned to kill 25 million Americans that couldn’t be re-educated

This is terrifying. Obama's "education" credentials are his involvements with Ayers in the educational fund. Not only did he not notice Ayers radicalism (as he alleges), he recommended his book. Will a win for Obama be a backdoor revolution for anti-America 60-s radicals? Don't call them anti-war, they were anti-America, pro Gulags and mass murder insane people who should not have given any role in Chicago to begin with. The university that continues to employ Ayers should fire him immediately and apologize for hiring him to begin with. It's a shame he's been allowed to influence anyone in an academic setting. It's not a "freedom of speech" issue - that guy is still dangerous.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Look into Obama’s Presidency

What should we expect from president Obama? The polls show widening support for Obama and the prospects of a McCain win are fading away. At this time, perhaps those of us who are weary of Obama should start thinking about how to deal with his presidency. The first action to help us accept his win with calm is to predict what his policies and actions would be.

Judges Nominations

Obama made it clear. The only judges he would appoint would be those who view the same liberal and sometimes radical agenda as he does. In a debate he mentioned he disapproves of rulings which judge by the law – like a case where a wages discrimination suit was thrown out because of statute of limitation. Obama was disappointed at a ruling which declared Washington DC’s restrictive gun laws unconstitutional. Obama’s association with far left loons will have particular resonance with regards to his choice of judges. Those far loons usually see any type of interrogation or detention of unlawful combatants as a violation of human rights. So under Obama, it might be safe to assume his judges will rule against detention of terrorists and will require federal cases against every detainee as opposed to the current military tribunal.

Liberal judges have the habit of making up their own laws. They continuously trample the separation of powers by taking over responsibilities of the legislative branch. Liberal – self legislative judges have brought havoc to the Israeli judicial system and were greatly influenced by the US’s ACLU.


Taxes are going up. Face it. McCain would probably do it too. Clinton said he wouldn’t raise taxes and he did, Obama says he would – so he most certainly would.
The so called 95% of Americans will see a tax cut is the most bogus claim of them all. It’s a new “stimulus” plan. It’s a check for nothing from the government which will be handed to tax payers as well as non tax payers. In essence – it’s a deliberate redistribution of wealth to those who simply didn’t earn it. I’m using Obama’s words here: Redistribution of wealth. Because it is “neighborly”.


Let’s face it – it’s the Bush administration which nationalized banks. That pretty much leaves Obama with fewer opportunities to nationalize industries.

Obama is unabashed of his Socialist roots and ideals which make me just wonder what he might do. As long as he doesn’t implement Gulags, and calls his supporting masses “useful idiots”, or tries to export the revolution – perhaps we should not be that much intimidated. The most he would do is re-implement the “new deal”.

I saw a bumper sticker saying that Cuba had a “Change” too in 1958.

Stock Market

Obama received tons of money from Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae. He and his democrat friends caused this collapse by refusing to allow reform and oversight and instead pushing and forcing banks to do more risky business. Will Obama save the stock market? Definitely not by raising capital gains tax, dividends tax and the death tax.
Some have suggested that Obama’s plans will cause the global recession turn into a huge depression.

Retirement funds

What would happen to the retirement funds when the market collapses even further? The market has collapsed 40% thus far, which should suggest there’s not much more to lose – except for the remaining 60% of what used to be the retirement funds. Now throw into the mix the suggestion to allow people to raid their retirement funds right now, and see where that gets us.

National Debt

Democrats have been whining for years that the Bush administration grew our debt – disregarding the circumstances (war, terror, WT towers fall). Will socialist policies do anything to resolve the debt?
Part of the national debt is a result of global trade imbalances. Will Obama destroy trade agreements and raise customs taxes? Isn’t this how the great depression became a global catastrophe? Obama certainly suggested he is against the agreement with Colombia in a debate – another ally he is more than willing to abandon.

Global Economy

We’re already screwed thanks to Obama’s democratic friends who caused the mortgage mess. A USA recession yields a global recession. The global economy revival depends on the USA’s.


Obama’s a big education guy, isn’t he? He wants to raise salaries to teachers and that will solve all the educational problems. In addition, his participation in the woods fund board – which he and Ayers abused to distribute funds to far left groups and to bolster “radical thinking” in schools shows us a glimpse into the future of education under the Obama presidency.


First, he hangs around with Palestinian terrorists. In his younger years, he travels “for fun” to Pakistan with his Pakistani friends. Then he goes to AIPAC and says Jerusalem shall remain united. Then he retracts. That’s Obama – he doesn’t know or care much about Israel and would tell you that he does to win the Christian voters who do care about Israel.

If history is to teach us anything, then a democrat in the president chair would pressure Israel to further give away land for “peace”. Clinton’s Oslo debacle was followed by 8 years of terror starting in 2000. Sharon and Bush on the other hand gave Gaza away and rooted out a vibrant Jewish community as well as the agriculture industry. Bush’s policy of Democracy in the Middle East lead to Hamas winning election, and the Shiites over Lebanon and Iraq. In that sense, was Bush a pro Israel yet liberal president? Could an Obama presidency be any worse as far as Israel is concerned?

Well – yes, most certainly. Under President Clinton, the US refrained from vetoing anti Israeli resolutions in the UN Security Council. Bush’s biggest pro Israeli move was to block any such resolution, which meant that for almost 8 years there haven’t been any one sided, pro terrorism, anti Jewish resolutions.

War on Terror

Let’s see, he wants to flee from Iraq, regardless of the fact that those who are fighting the US in Iraq are those who would attack us here. He is carried on the shoulders of the “anti war” movements and the “inside job” moonbats. Now, how exactly would this guy with no military or leadership experience lead the USA in a war time?
Again, looking back into the Clinton years and into statements of Democrats in the year 2002, 2003 – there’s reason to believe he would see the war on terror as a “policing issue”. For them, terrorism is a matter of investigation and prosecution – and not a war in the sense of military activity.
The Clinton administration had opportunities to take Bin Laden out – but chose to consult lawyers and preferred to catch him and prosecute him. Obama might not admit it – but his ACLU scholars who will occupy his offices will not permit him to “murder” a terrorist.

The diplomatic leeway of a Muslim Apostate

Obama says he never was a Muslim, despite going to a Madrassa in Indonesia, and the fact that his Dad was a Muslim. Even though Obama is not a practicing Muslim, Muslims consider him to be one simply because of his Father. If Obama proclaims he is not a Muslim, devout Muslim leaders will consider him an apostate – therefore deserving the death penalty. Now how is he supposed to “improve diplomatic relations with the Arab world” as he promises – when they make that an issue?

UN litmus tests

Obama and friends proclaimed the US should have never attacked Iraq without the support of the UN. So, if the US is facing a war and a hostile nation in the future – it will never act without the permission of Russia and China. That’s great logic.

Feeble responses to global crisis

What did Obama say when Russia invaded Georgia? That both sides need to reduce hostilities? He took the equivalency stance. Can we deduct then that in case of another global military crisis he would be equivocal and hesitant?

America’s Reputation

As Obama would demonstrate eagerness to abandon our allies in Iraq and Israel – other allies would rethink relying on US’s support. Much like with JFK – a young president in an era of international tension would be tested by America’s enemies. I didn’t say that – Biden did.
Will Americans be any better “liked” abroad? Isn’t this what lefties complained about 5 years ago – Europeans don’t like us? Did they like us before? Not really. Around the world – the Americans are maligned by socialist and lefty propagandist journalists. Having Obama president would not change any of that.


No to drilling. (Relieve dependency on hostile foreign nations)
No to new Nuke plants. (Cheap and clean)
Waste taxpayer money on inefficient technology to relieve some global warming guilt.
Will this help? It might seem to – because oil prices are dropping right now and under a world depression, it would become very cheap.
Having the flawed fundamentals of the energy market unchanged will guaranty we will revisit the same energy crisis once the economy is revived.

Global Warming

He said his presidency will heal the sick and the oceans level will drop. He will fix it all. But how?
Perhaps he will implement Al Gore radicalism. He will impose a global tax and will pay it to some UN group in charge of consuming American tax funds to research how Americans are bad and are to blame for environmental change.
He could further punish the auto industry with insane regulations. He could force us all to ride bikes, after all – he thinks America should imitate China.


If looking to our north is suggesting anything regarding the lefty agenda, than mitliculturism is knocking on our door – demanding we be more companionate to cultures other than ours. Like cultures which encourage polygamism, wife beating, and women suppression. Another great benefit of extreme multiculturism as shown in England is suppression of any flag waving, signs of patriotism, or revealing Crosses.

Prosecution of Christian and Jewish values

One word: ACLU. Why hasn’t anyone asked Obama thus far what he thinks of the ACLU? Perhaps because it is clear to many of us where he stands. It’s not a “church and state” separation, it’s church and synagogue extraction and submission.

Farms protectionism

Obama is in favor of government hand outs to rich farmers. This translates of course to even higher tax burdens on the rest of us. See Stossel’s 20/20 coverage of the farm bill, and remember that Obama proclaimed he is in favor of such protectionism in the debates.


We’re screwed. McCain is no better which is why it isn’t discussed in the media at all. Obama will certainly not impose the laws of the US on border jumpers. He will allow social benefits to “world citizens”. Those of us who immigrate legally, pay our lawyer fees, processing fees, and wait in line for years – YEARS, will see criminals get rewarded with amnesty while those who suffer through the process will remain stuck.

Suppression of free speech

Fairness act legislation will disallow unapproved speech. Liberal judges will allow trumping the constitution and destroying a fundamental freedom.
Would Obama follow Canada’s example and also enact “human rights councils” to prosecute those who would insult religion by criticizing terrorism?

Gun rights

Forget it. Obama doesn’t want you to “cling to your guns”. He doesn’t really want the army to have arms either.

Dismemberment of armed Forces

Look into the actions of Clinton as well as Jimmy Carter to understand how democrat presidents consider the armed forces. This “commander and chief” would certainly act to reduce America’s powers like his predecessors. Why else vote against funding the troops in a middle of a war as a senator?

Human embryo research

No one is discussing that issue. How hot it was 4 years ago, and now the media doesn’t bring it up. Why? Because it was fake to begin with. Government should not fund speculative medical research and should never encourage usage of aborted babies for such research. There were alternatives, and nothing guarantees a cure to diseases. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama would spend tax payer money to fund such immoral research, like it is done in California – and would soon be done in Michigan.

Health Coverage

You need not look any further than California and Hawaii to understand where Obama’s plans will lead us. If they do socialize it than we need to look at the Canadian model to understand why we must wait in lines for years before given urgent surgeries

Prosecution of Republicans

The far lefties are saying “9/11 was an inside job”, and “impeach Bush”, and “arrest Carl Rove”, and “Cheney is evil”, and many more nonsense. Should we expect vengeful, hateful abuses of the judicial system against republican politicians?

Now didn’t that make you feel a lot calmer about the upcoming Obama presidency?! Since Obama is likely to win, all that is left to say is : Please prove us wrong.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taleb Asan'a, Israeli MP - calls to break and murder the "Zionists"

Taleb Asan'a, Israeli MP - calls to break and murder the "Zionists" and he is still paid handsomely by those evil "Zionists" for his work to encourage mutiny.

The following is a link to google translate from Hebrew, which is horrible:
MK Asan'a, Palestinians should hold arms

Here's the Hebrew link.

Here's my translation of the things written there:

MK Taleb Asan'a said yesterday in Jenin that the Arabs of Israel and Palestine should arm themselves. "We will not break and dies", he emphasized, "The Occupier will break and die!"

During a reception for Israeli Arab students in the American University in Jenin, Asan'a praised them and the residents of the town:

"This nation will not surrender. To the contrary, it will win just like the people of Jenin made it into 'Jeningrad'. The students here are raising up to the occupier a book in one hand and a rifle in the other. The demography will win!

Iad Abu Khalwa, the representative of the Arab student union in Israel carried a speech too and said: "The union of Arabs in the 48 territories will continue to sacrifice for holding on to the land. The demography will eventually break the Zionist ideology.

H/T: a post on " scoops forum". (Hebrew)

P.S, I wrote MP to signify "Member of Parliament", however the correct term of Israeli members of parliament is MK: "Member of Knesset".

Monday, October 20, 2008

Was "Family Guy" - "Road to Germany" offensive to Republicans? Was there Antisemitism?

You be the judge, is this funny?

How about this:

Huffington post loons think it was awesome, especially this part:

You tube took off the clip, here's the clip on Hulu:

Check out their comments section, very telling:

* Let's face it, I don't believe that's an exageration to say; many Republicans whether associated with the McCain campaign or not, have displayed the dialogue, tone and attitudes of WWII Nazis.
* Another classic Family Guy moment.
* Ahahahahahaha

Eat it Repugs.
* My father, best friend and I almost peed our pants when Stewie flashed that button. Classic. This is why Seth MacFarlane is a genius. He not only pushes the envelope on what is "appropriate", he puts it through the shredder and laughs wickedly while doing so....

I initially wrote a long and angry post. I still have it as a draft. But I'll let you the internet peeking observer be the judge. Was it an antisemite episode? Was it offensive to McCain supporters?

Is it fair to label your political rivals Nazis or to suggest that Nazis would support him? Is it fair game to blend antisemitic stereotypical jabs in a WWII themed episode?

Should this show stay on Fox? Or anywhere else (except Al-Jazeera)?

Is it just being too sensitive to find that episode offensive?

It wouldn't be the first time that show would be accused of antisemitism.
The 2003 episode "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein", was initially refused airtime on Fox because its plotline—where Peter attempts to convert Chris to Judaism in hopes of making his son financially successful—was deemed inappropriate under accusations of anti-Semitism, despite the episode being viewed and approved by rabbis and having featured the voice of Jewish actor Ben Stein. An edited version eventually aired on Fox, with some content, such as a reference to Jewish deicide, removed.

Wow, viewed and approved by a few Rabbis! Must be the ultimate seal of approval.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

NYT: Michelle Obama Unproud of America - Off Limits, Cindy McCain's Issues Are?!

I usually don't bother blogging on Saturdays. This is just beyond hypocrisy. This is revolting.

Found it on FoxNews: McCain Camp Fires Back at Times for Cindy McCain Story
McCain camp outraged at New York Times story addressing Cindy McCain's past painkiller addiction, questions why the paper hasn't investigated Barack Obama's youthful drug use

Here's the piece of garbage which used to hold some esteem (though not in my lifetime), NYTimes:
Behind McCain, Outsider in Capital Wanting Back In
Cindy McCain was new to Washington and not yet 30 when she arrived at a luncheon for Congressional spouses to discover a problem with her name tag.

It read “Carol McCain.” That was the well-liked wife John McCain had left to marry Cindy, to the disapproval of many in Washington.

Fearing that the slight was intentional, she slinked to a half-empty table that never filled. “No one wanted to sit at her table,“ said Barbara Ross, a friend who was not surprised when Mrs. McCain announced a few months later that she was moving back to Arizona. “It was like high school.”

Cindy McCain, the wife of the Republican presidential nominee, has spent the last year pursuing a return to Washington: “a harsh town” that does not suit her, she has said.

Nor does campaigning, friends say. She has done relatively few solo events, grants interviews reluctantly— she declined to speak for this article — and in introducing her husband at events, she offers few of the heartwarming anecdotes that are the stock in trade of the political spouse. When she finishes, she stands silently behind him, sometimes with an approving smile, sometimes looking strained.

From the start, Mrs. McCain’s marriage has been defined by her husband’s ambitions, and despite her sometimes punishing ride in political life, she does whatever she must to help fulfill them. As his poll numbers have slid recently, her devotion has seemed only to grow. When the McCain campaign recently stepped up attacks on Senator Barack Obama, Mrs. McCain joined in with startling intensity. The day after the second presidential debate, which did not turn around Mr. McCain’s standing in the polls, she interrupted a Fox News interview he was doing to testify to his virtues. At this late date, Mrs. McCain is starting to headline her own rallies, starting in Pennsylvania on Saturday.

“She would walk on broken glass barefoot if it required her to do so in this campaign,” said Matt Salmon, a former Arizona congressman who knows the couple.

Mrs. McCain, 54, describes herself as her husband’s best friend, though for the last two decades they have mostly lived apart, she in Arizona, he in Washington. She initially seemed like an ideal political partner, giving Mr. McCain a home state, money and contacts that jump-started his career. But as the years passed, she also became a liability at times. She played a role in the Keating Five savings-and-loan scandal, and just as her husband was rehabilitating his reputation, she was caught stealing drugs from her nonprofit organization to feed her addiction to painkillers. She has a fortune that sets the McCains apart from most other Americans, a problem in a presidential race that hinges on economic anxieties. She can be imprecise: she has repeatedly called herself an only child, for instance, even though she has two half-siblings, and has provided varying details about a 1994 mercy mission to Rwanda.

Those close to Mrs. McCain say she aspires to be like another blonde, glamorous figure married to an older man: Diana, the Princess of Wales. Mrs. McCain sought out the same mine-clearing organization that the princess supported, joining its board and traveling to minefields, just as her role model had. Mrs. McCain recently told British reporters that as first lady, she would take her cues from Diana, throwing herself into international philanthropy.

First, though, the McCains must win. Mrs. McCain has traveled by her husband’s side on the campaign trail and helped reorganize the campaign after it floundered in 2007. When The New York Times reported last winter that Mr. McCain’s staffers had urged him to stay away from a female lobbyist during his first presidential run, Mrs. McCain stood by her husband at a news conference and defended his honor.

Politics have always brought the McCains together: as she remarked during his failed 2000 presidential run, campaigns are when the two spend the most time with each other.

“Just when I think we’re complete opposites, it turns out we’re not, that we’ve had a common goal — first the children and now this,” she told Harper’s Bazaar last year.

Once again, Obama and his "official" campaign don't dirty their hands with smears and negatives, they have their willing sick mutts to do it for them. Blech.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Taxpayers to pay Bear Raiding Hedgefunds as compensation for Lehman?!

Originally I labeled this post as:

Government Incompetence and why should some people quit now

But it misses the main outrage, so here goes:

Reluctantly I'm linking to a rant by Jim Cramer:
Sell Block: Hedge Funds Cash In on AIG
Hedge funds, which have been selling stock endlessly to meet client redemptions, must be frothing at the mouth for next Tuesday, Oct. 21. That’s payday for everyone who took out insurance against Lehman Brothers' bonds. And bear-raiding hedge funds took out a heck of a lot of insurance against that investment bank.

In fact, while Lehman Brothers sold only $158 billion worth of bonds, the SEC allowed hedge funds to take out $365 billion in insurance.

This was all part of the short-sellers grand – and legal – plan to bring down Lehman, Cramer said. Hedge funds bought the insurance knowing they could push the stock down virtually unrestricted, spurring the ratings agencies to downgrade Lehman, further inciting fear, and on and on until the company collapsed. The fact that the U.S. government said it was done saving investment banks only aided the hedge funds’ cause. To them, that insurance was money in the bank.

Guess which company probably did the most underwriting of said insurance. Yep, AIG. That means the U.S government, which now owns most of AIG, will most likely spend next Tuesday cutting checks to the hedge funds involved. Cramer thinks this payout will erase whatever value might be left in AIG’s common stock. So the company’s going in the Sell Block.

And this doesn’t even take into account the myriad other issues at AIG.

Here's my point:

The SEC allowed the following illegal activities to happen, which leads me to call for the resignation of EVERY EMPLOYEE IN THAT DEFUNCT AND CORRUPT ENTITY:
  1. Allow naked shorts (illigal) - the act of selling short without the need to borrow the equity first. This increases the amount of available shares - and destroying beyond repair the balance of supply and demand.
  2. Allow credit default swaps beyond actual debt, regardless of ownership of bonds
  3. Allow Lehman to issue more debt to equity than ever before, not declaring them insolvent way before the market pounced to destroy them
Secretary Paulson, who was the CEO of Goldman Sachs - should have known and understood what was going on. These are all his buddies. His country club members. His tennis match - chug a beer - go out binging BFF-s.

How could he not understand what was happening under his watch? How could they let Lehman be destroyed - and yet decide to rescue AIG?! And why haven't the execs of AIG been sacked yet? How difficult is it to remove those criminals from their chairs? Why haven't we heard yet of any criminal investigations aginst AIG and Lehman execs?

I think Cramer touched the most infuriating part: The Tax payer is going to pay up those who have demolished the economy at the beginning of September. Those really nasty, greedy SOB-s who manipulated and broke the back of the economy are going to get their windfall from AIG in a couple of days - and AIG is owned by the tax payer.

I'm blaming the bears for pushing us over the edge, but I blame the polititions for bringing us to the point of standing at the edge. The first and most obvious viliouns here are:
  1. Nancy Peloci
  2. Berny Frank
  3. Chriss Dodd
  4. Chuck Schumer
I'm not letting anyone off the hook. I don't think any incumbant Senator or Representative should be reelected, regardless of his political affiliation. Those who took part, share the blame. They saw it coming. They knew Freddie and Fannie were broken. They knew that forcing subprime mortgage on conservative mortgage issuers would bring their collapse but they liked playing the populist card of "caring for the poor". Let the poor have houses - on the expense of having any functioning economy at all.

Where does this all lead? Will it really lead to a socialist "spread the wealth" presidency? Wasn't this kind of robbing the rich thought process what lead us hear?

The easiest get rich scheme, run a Vice Presidential Campaign

I knew this kind of thing was happening when I heard a year ago Dick Morris mention he had a chapter about this kind of behavior in his book. But when we consider how much money Obama/Biden raised, and how much of it came from Fannie, Freddie - this disgusting "I'm running for office to contribute to my family's wealth" is a little bit more nauseating.

Biden routes campaign cash to family, their firms
Democratic vice-presidential candidate Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. has paid more than $2 million in campaign cash to his family members, their businesses and employers over the years, a practice that watchdogs criticize as rife with potential conflicts of interest.

Getty Images FAMILY: Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s son, Hunter Biden, was at a campaign stop with his father in December. The candidate's sister, Valerie Biden Owens, is his longtime campaign manager.

The money largely flowed from the coffers of Mr. Biden's failed presidential campaign during the past two years to a company that employs his sister and longtime campaign manager, Valerie Biden Owens, according to campaign disclosure filings.

The senator from Delaware also directed campaign legal work to a Washington lobbying and law firm founded by his son R. Hunter Biden, the disclosures show.

Putting family members and their companies on the political payroll is legal if the work is legitimate and charged at market rates, according to the Federal Election Commission. Still, public watchdog groups have long criticized such arrangements.

H/T Weasel Zippers

Exit question: Is it safe to assume Biden doesn't care if he wins or not - as long as his coffers are properly filled?

Exit question #2: If this is how the Obama/Biden ticket behaves right now - what are we to expect when they are in office? Vitamin P will always keep you employed and wealthy. (Vitamin P = Protectionism for those who don't know)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Most Idiotic Journalistic Mud Slinging Award - AP: Joe the Plumber is Unlicensed

Come on, who cares? Why was this question even raised? It's like a bad joke about journalism. In an attempt to obfuscate the issue - pick on the metaphor. Completely, unbearably idiotic.
AP: 'Joe the Plumber' says he has no plumbing license
Joe the Plumber said Thursday he doesn't have a license and doesn't need one. Joe Wurzelbacher, better known as Joe the Plumber, the nickname Republican John McCain bestowed on him during Wednesday's presidential debate, said he works for a small plumbing company that does residential work. Because he works for someone else, he doesn't need a license, he said.

Wurzelbacher, who voted in the Republican primary and indicated he backed McCain, was cited by the GOP presidential candidate as an example of someone who wants to buy a plumbing business but would be hurt by Democrat Barack Obama's tax plans. Wurzelbacher said he was surprised that his name was mentioned so many other times.


Completely idiotic and unnecessarily article.

Now the MSM decided that digging up dirt on GOP candidate is not enough, now they pick on GOP voters who dare question "The One True Leader". You know what AP? There are millions of people who are going to vote McCain, regardless if he wins or not. Perhaps you ought to take names, make lists, and start picking on every one of them. That should keep you busy for enough time to stop cheer leading for Obama and spread left wing propaganda. (Or anti Israeli propaganda)

Update 10/17 9:30 am
Well, AP wasn't at it alone. It was a 24 hours coordinated smear campaign. Shame on the Media, the Democrats, Obama and Saturday Night Live for having nothing better to do than go after a citizen. The worst is that they went after his livelihood.

Here's a suggestion to "Joe", who nightline bothered telling us that "it's not even his real name" (The audacity of unbelievable nightline bias): Open a blog and put a paypal contribution button. Ask donations to help after the Left Wing Media and Democrats decided to punish you for having an opinion.

More at Michelle Malkin's Blog.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama: Foxnews cost me 2-3 points

Yea - how dare you, media outlet not bow to my propaganda machine and stray from the idolizing herds. Telling the truth about Obama is still allowed. Once Obama brings his own version of the "fairness act", alongside the "strong internal force" (USA's KGB), the one true leader shall never have to answer to any critic. I mean, we're all racists if we don't support him anyways, right?

Ben Smith, Politico: Obama: Fox worth 2-3 points
A fascinating riff from Matt Bai's new Times Magazine story:

“I am convinced that if there were no Fox News, I might be two or three points higher in the polls,” Obama told me. “If I were watching Fox News, I wouldn’t vote for me, right? Because the way I’m portrayed 24/7 is as a freak! I am the latte-sipping, New York Times-reading, Volvo-driving, no-gun-owning, effete, politically correct, arrogant liberal. Who wants somebody like that?

“I guess the point I’m making,” he went on, “is that there is an entire industry now, an entire apparatus, designed to perpetuate this cultural schism, and it’s powerful. People want to know that you’re fighting for them, that you get them. And I actually think I do. But you know, if people are just seeing me in sound bites, they’re not going to discover that. That’s why I say that some of that may have to happen after the election, when they get to know you.”

Murtha: My voters are Racists!

Yea - screw you, people who put me in office. Polls show you don't like Obama - ergo: RACISTS!
Murtha: Western Pa. 'racist' but Obama should win
U.S. Rep. John Murtha says his home base of western Pennsylvania is racist and that could reduce Barack Obama's victory margin in the state by 4 percentage points.

The 17-term Democratic congressman tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a story posted Wednesday on its Web site that, as he put it: "There is no question that western Pennsylvania is a racist area."

He says it's taken time for many Pennsylvania voters to come around to liking Obama, but he should still win the state, though not in a runaway.

In a separate interview posted Wednesday on the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Web site, Murtha says Obama has a problem with the race issue in western Pennsylvania that could shave 4 points off his lead in the state.

I'd say one thing about Murtha's voters, not racist - just unbelievably wrong for electing this "hate America First" ass hole.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama "saving" the market - By letting the masses pull their money from 401k NOW!!!

What a F@@@@ dumb idea?!

Tax-Free IRA Withdrawals?

We're not sure how this one will help the stock market and the savings rate:

Relief to Families: Penalty-Free Withdrawals from IRAs and 401(k)s in 2008 and 2009. Obama is calling for new legislation to allow families to withdraw 15% of their retirement savings – up to a maximum of $10,000 – without facing a tax-penalty this year (including retroactively) and next year.


P L E A SE !!!

And for the panicking masses out there, here's mathematical riddle to solve one second before you depleet your retirement accounts:

If the Dow were to tank 600 a day every day, and the Dow is worth 9387.61 today, how many days are left for the Dow Jones to reach 0?

Now, if you only wait for it to reach 0.01, you could double your money when it reaches 0.02. (That was a joke)

When REALLY DUMB politicians are making ideas as dumb as suggesting to people to make a run on their retirement funds, it is time to get scared. Or - a better time to get scared, is when they get elected. Truth be told, if this idea does not sound dumb to you, and you want a socialist Marxist to be president and send checks from the government, which you funded by your tax money to people who did not pay taxes - why don't you just give your money directly to me right now. I'll send you all the details and promise to enjoy it thoroughly. I promise you that I'm poor enough to enjoy your money. Maybe not any more in need of free money than you - but it will feel just the same. You can give your money to me right now - and I'll send you a postcard telling you how I enjoyed it. I'm sure the people you would give your money later anonymously would not send you a postcard!

For inquiries into how to send me your money for nothing back other than a post card, email me at:

Krugman gets a Nobel for economics. Hopefully not for Bush Hating

Here's 2004 duel with O'Reilly:

(Notice the youtube subtitles are made to humiliate and fact check O'Reilly, and non to check on Krugman)

Here's O'Reilly talking points on Krugman:

Here's a duel with Neil Cavuto:

So kudos to Paul Krugman for a truly impressive achievement - getting a Nobel prize in something that has not yet been tainted with high politicization, Economics. Hopefully his role in the NYTimes and Bush bashing was not a factor - which would signal a big taint.

Paul Krugman wins Nobel Prize for economics
American Paul Krugman won the Nobel economics prize on Monday for his analysis of trade patterns and location of economic activity.

Krugman, born in 1953, and a professor at Princeton University in New Jersey and a columnist for The New York Times, formulated a new theory to answer questions about free trade, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said.

"What are the effects of free trade and globalization? What are the driving forces behind worldwide urbanization? Paul Krugman has formulated a new theory to answer these questions," the academy said in its citation.

"He has thereby integrated the previously disparate research fields of international trade and economic geography," it said.

Krugman was the lone of winner of the 10 million kronor (US$1.4 million) award, the latest in a string of American researchers to be honored.

The award, known as the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, is the last of the six Nobel prizes announced this year and is not one of the original Nobels. It was created in 1968 by the Swedish central bank in Nobel's memory.

Here's some fun stuff... Krugman does not like Obama, basically because he really likes the Clintons:

Couldn't find anywhere that he changed his mind since Obama won the DNC nomination.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Chavez fights capitalism - shuts down McDonald with tax excuse

Just like Putin in Russia took over the gas and oil industry and put the owners in jail. Trump up tax disputes and take over. Only that Chavez is doing it to "punish the Yankees". He isn't taking control over McDonald's 115 restaurants, he's shutting it down. NO BIG-MAC FOR YOU! The Micky-D Nazi is here.

Venezuela shuts nation's McDonald's in tax fight
Venezuela's tax body has shut all branches of McDonald's in the South American nation for 48 hours as punishment for alleged tax irregularities, the government said on Thursday. Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez is a harsh critic of the U.S. "empire" and of global capitalism. Since first winning elections ten years ago, he has raised taxes and often temporarily closes companies accused of failing to pay. Thursday's announcement affects McDonald's 115 restaurants in Venezuela, which remains one of the most Americanized corners of Latin America with a thriving shopping mall culture and a love of baseball. Chavez has nationalized the Venezuelan operations of U.S. oil companies and is engaged in an international legal battle with Exxon Mobil over compensation for its assets. The government often slaps big back-tax bills on companies with which it is fighting, and recently temporarily closed the Venezuelan offices of Pepsi, operated by a local food consortium.

If there's one company I know will survive this financial crisis stupidity - it's McDonald. Your loss ultra-socialists.

P.S. Guess who Chavez is supporting for Presidency and praising the upcoming socialism in the US starting at January 2009?

Come on, guess before you click - there's a 99 percent chance you're correct. Perhaps it was a stretch? (source of that post is here)

Back in june - Hugo Chavez endorses ....
Guess what, the original Yahoo news item was removed... Was this related? Obama says that Chávez is an "easily led" threat
Candidate for the Democratic Party running for US President Barack Obama called Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez an "easily led" threat for the US security and expressed willingness to approach Venezuela and Cuba if elected president.

In an interview released on Wednesday by Chilean daily newspaper El Mercurio, the Senator said that Mexico was his priority in Latin America and talked about his plans to make a proposal on a migration reform during his first year in office in case of winning the presidential election on November.

Perhaps some Obama friends called Chavez and asked him to withdraw his support?
Barack Obama can breathe a sigh of relief as the Venezuelan leader, the latest of a number of unwanted endorsements, withdraws his support

In his quest for the White House, there are some endorsements Barack Obama can do without and today the Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez, did him a favour.

Chavez, who in the past implied that he favoured Obama over his Republican rival, John McCain, today declared a plague on both their houses.

In a speech to supporters, Chavez said there was no difference between the two and that US-Venezuela relations would not improve if Obama won in November. The problem, Chavez said, was the nature of the US itself.

"Let's not kid ourselves, it is the empire and the empire must fall. That's the only solution, that it comes to an end."

Thank heaven, will be the reaction of the Obama campaign, where there is a concerted effort to project a more hawkish image of their man and shed the earlier more dovish vibes.

There will also be relief that Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group, has lost its earlier enthusiasm for their man, especially since a speech in June to the influential American Israel Political Action Committee. During a fervently pro-Israel address in which he pleged unwavering support for the Jewish state, Obama said the US should not talk to Hamas until it renounced terrorism and recognised Israel.

Afterwards, a Hamas official, Sami Abu Zuhri, told Reuters that his group no longer had any preference in the US election. In the same vein as Chavez, Zuhri said: "Hamas does not differentiate between the two presidential candidates, Obama and McCain, because their policies regarding the Arab-Israel conflict are the same and are hostile to us, therefore we do have no preference and are not wishing for either of them to win."

So... Chavez isn't "endorsing" Obama. He is endorsing "the one" who will bring upon "neoliberalism". Never heard that word - is this the new euphemism to Marxism?

Exit question, if the communist party endorses Obama - what does that tell you about Obama? What about this bunch? Some more of the same...

Anti-Semitic pogrom in heart of Israel - Acre Riots on Yom Kipur MK Eitam slams 'anti-Semitic pogrom in heart of Israel'
MK Orlev: Unthinkable that Jews in Jewish State will be harassed on holiest of days

Also:police officers prevented bloodhsed
8 injured in Akko riots
Forces struggle to contain Jewish, Arab demonstrators following Yom Kippur clashes; stone throwing incidents reported even after relative calm prevails in northern city. Police chief urges sides to 'continue dialogue'

The lefty reporters are trying to put blame on both sides, however it was the Arab masses who ran a riot in a Jewish neighborhood screaming death to Jews and carrying axes. It was Arabs who destroyed Jewish shops, it was Arabs who incited and spread rumors of "Arab martyrs" (there weren't any). It was Arabs who punctured the tires of the Jewish Ambulances. It's 12:27AM in Michigan, and morning in Israel - I'm going to sleep while reading the news about high alert in Israel, expecting more Arab riots across the country as the extremist Muslims will try to take advantage of yet another opportunity to riot. Police were ordered not to use live ammo, probably to prevent a repeat of the prolonged riots in October 2000. Here's what I think, the police and media are better off telling the truth and focus on protecting the victim population here, not the blood thirsty aggressors.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bad Real Estate Market? Not for This Property.

Who said real estate market is bad? Check out how much they spend competing to rent this property....

How much raised (and set to be spent) thus far by Obama?

Does 458 Million Dollars sound high to you?
Newsweek: Obama’s ‘Good Will’ Hunting
The Obama campaign has shattered all fund-raising records, raking in $458 million so far, with about half the bounty coming from donors who contribute $200 or less. Aides say that's an illustration of a truly democratic campaign. To critics, though, it can be an invitation for fraud and illegal foreign cash because donors giving individual sums of $200 or less don't have to be publicly reported. Consider the cases of Obama donors "Doodad Pro" of Nunda, N.Y., who gave $17,130, and "Good Will" of Austin, Texas, who gave more than $11,000—both in excess of the $2,300-per-person federal limit. In two recent letters to the Obama campaign, Federal Election Commission auditors flagged those (and other) donors and informed the campaign that the sums had to be returned. Neither name had ever been publicly reported because both individuals made online donations in $10 and $25 increments. "Good Will" listed his employer as "Loving" and his occupation as "You," while supplying as his address 1015 Norwood Park Boulevard, which is shared by the Austin nonprofit Goodwill Industries. Suzanha Burmeister, marketing director for Goodwill, said the group had "no clue" who the donor was. She added, however, that the group had received five puzzling thank-you letters from the Obama campaign this year, prompting it to send the campaign an e-mail in September pointing out the apparent fraudulent use of its name.

"Doodad Pro" listed no occupation or employer; the contributor's listed address is shared by Lloyd and Lynn's Liquor Store in Nunda. "I have never heard of such an individual," says Diane Beardsley, who works at the store and is the mother of one of the owners. "Nobody at this store has that much money to contribute." (She added that a Doodad's Boutique, located next door, had closed a year ago, before the donations were made.)

Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt said the campaign has no idea who the individuals are and has returned all the donations, using the credit-card numbers they gave to the campaign. (In a similar case earlier this year, the campaign returned $33,000 to two Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip who had bought T shirts in bulk from the campaign's online store. They had listed their address as "Ga.," which the campaign took to mean Georgia rather than Gaza.) "While no organization is completely protected from Internet fraud, we will continue to review our fund-raising procedures," LaBolt said. Some critics say the campaign hasn't done enough. This summer, watchdog groups asked both campaigns to share more information about its small donors. The McCain campaign agreed; the Obama campaign did not. "They could've done themselves a service" by heeding the suggestions, said Massie Ritsch of the Center for Responsive Politics.

Seriously, in these harsh times - who managed to donate so much - for a political campaign? People - there were floods, hurricanes and other disasters just this year. How much was donated by those individuals to the red-cross?

Are we witnessing a rerun of the Hsu scandal without anyone in the media willing to investigate? Would we really be surprised if this was happening with a Chicago politician? I won't wiggle around it, Obama got tons of money from employees of Fannie and Freddie. Does that tell you anything about Obama?

P.S - photo was taken this summer while I was on family vacation in DC. Click on the image for a high res version, fits nicely as a wallpaper on my PC.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Who put Berny Frank, Mr. Sleazy gay prostitution "john" in charge of Fannie/Freddy?

First, let's go back memory lane to the year 1989, Washington Post reported:

TV Movie Led to Prostitute's Disclosures

Prostitute and pimp Stephen L. Gobie settled in with his "girls" in his Georgetown town house one evening in late 1987 to watch "The Mayflower Madam" on television. As Candice Bergen portrayed upscale madam Sydney Biddle Barrows, Gobie's companions had an idea.

"The girls turned to me and said, 'You're just like her,' " Gobie recalled in an interview yesterday. "That's when I realized that I was in the middle of a developing story that could be worth something someday. I told them, 'One day, don't be surprised if you see me on TV.' "

Gobie's dream has come true. His accusation that Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) knew that Gobie had operated a prostitution service out of Frank's Capitol Hill apartment became national news after it was first reported Friday by the Washington Times.

Frank, one of two openly gay members of Congress, confirmed Friday that he paid Gobie for sex, hired him with personal funds as an aide and wrote letters on congressional stationery on his behalf to Virginia probation officials, but Frank said he fired Gobie when he learned that clients were visiting the apartment.

Frank, a leading House liberal, likened himself to Henry Higgins, who in "Pygmalion" tries to transform a cockney waif into a member of English society. Gobie dismissed that as "garbage." "This is not the case of the poor waif who is being sheltered," Gobie said. "This was the first time he felt good in a relationship. Here's a guy who didn't have a social life until he was 45."

Gobie's craving for public attention also has produced an uproar in Montgomery County. Gobie said he maintained a relationship with Gabriel A. Massaro, the principal of Chevy Chase Elementary School, and used an office at the school in late 1987 to make telephone calls and have one client meet a prostitute.


It goes on. Sleazy and disgusting all the way. It's not "new news". It's very much old news, and no one remembers.

Berny Frank, a client of Gay prostitution, who provided his own apartment to conduct non gay prostitution, remained in congress to lead us all to the doomsday collapse we are witnessing. Did no one ask, even back then, whether Frank had criminal implications by providing prostitution services in his apartment? Wikipedia page says he was reprimanded, but ethics committee concluded the allegations were not credible. What's wrong with the people of Massachusetts who have reelected him?

My question is: Who knew this, and still allowed this mumbling buffoon to be in charge of anything - in particular the financial system?

Democrats respond to valid accusation of Obama's terrorist friends with smears of Anti-Semitism against McCain

I want to say - it's not "guilt by association", befriending terrorists, anti-white racists and America-haters, is a transparent trend of associations which deserves a sincere answer. You aren't "associated" with a church you belong to, you are part of it. You aren't "associated" and "barely know" a terrorist who bombed "when you were only 8 years old" - when he triggered your political career at his living room. These aren't just cases of "I know someone - you know someone", these issues are very deep and not at all superficial. I'm not part of anyone's campaign, I've read about it a long time ago and was alarmed enough to make lists of such issues. I'm not a Democrat or Republican - I cannot see how these issues can be brushed off. Those are central to understanding who Obama is, and you cannot bury it.

That being said - apparently Democrats are digging for dirt. Digging deep, I'm not the one to try to counter it - only to say that it is more than ludicrous to call McCain an anti-Semite... so lefty zombie zealots.... good luck with your game. Play with matches, see who gets burned:
Huff-Posts' "The Political Carnival":Democrats Get Go-Ahead to Raise McCain Associations To Keatings, Others
Our wish is granted:

Democratic surrogates say they've been given the go-ahead from the Obama campaign to mention John McCain's associations with S&L kingpin Charles Keating and other historically tarnished creatures when asked about Obama's connection to ex-Weatherman William Ayers.
A senior Democrat who has had contact with Obama's high command points to Democratic strategist Paul Begala's comments on this morning's Meet the Press.

We had a strong inkling that Begala got the okay from above and wasn't acting independently.

Begala noted that McCain once "sat on the board of a very right wing organization," the U.S. Council for World Freedom, led by a retired Army Maj. General named John Singlaub. The Anti-Defamation League allegedly called the CWF's parent organization a gathering place for racists and anti-Semites.

Said Begala: "Now, that's not John McCain. I don't think he is that. But, but, you know, the problem is that a lot of people know John McCain's record better than Governor Palin, and he does not want to play guilt by association or this thing could blow up in his face."

Now what else could we have up our sleeves?

Other potential negative associations for McCain are his long-time South Carolina consultant, Richard Quinn, a publisher of a Southern heritage magazine, and John Hagee, a pastor whose endorsement McCain solicited and later rejected.

They wanted to play dirty. Fine. Make our day.


Responding to reports that Sen. McCain's associations are considered fair game by Democrats, Republican strategists affiliated with the McCain campaign say they plan to highlight Obama's alleged contacts with individuals who've been linked to terrorist organizations, including Rashid Khalidi, a former PLO spokesperson and Ali Abunimah, a member of the Arab American Action Network who received a grant from the Woods Fund approved by Wm. Ayers, Obama and Khalidi.

One strategist said: "Obama needs to understand he will own his friendships with individuals that are in some cases anti-American, anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist. The American people can decide whether Obama's buddies reflect their values."

Want a taste from their comments?
*We have so much more ammo than they do. Let's start using it.
* Let the games begin!!!! This should be an exciting news cycle, eh? (When will I sleep??)
* Imagine the posts! I'll never keep up. I can't wait to try, though!

Democrats, did anyone ever tell you that the Jewish vote doesn't really decide the election? Or are you people just too excited to spread lies? Can't handle the fact that Jews are horrified with Obama? Perhaps you should have chosen a candidate with less ties to terrorists and racists. You can't make it disappear with made up accusations. Begala is a dunce:
(Again from the lefty zombie blog)

He's basically saying, I have a smear against McCain, you made me use it even though I know it will never stick. Also - threatens quite vocally to bring such smears against Palin. How's smearing Palin worked for you thus far? Is he threatening to "start smearing", because it seems to have started - oh - I don't know - like early September.

John McCain is a war hero. A patriot, with whom many might disagree politically - but it sounds like this tactic of smearing him with your blank bullets will explore in your face. Watch out!

There's a difference between finding stretched out notions of associations and trying to accuse someone by them, to pointing out to quite overt ones. Associations which were held for years and make for the basis of Obama's power. Lies will reflect poorly on Obama and could help McCain - there's very little doubt about McCain's persona and valor.

Israelis4Obama - was fraud involved?

Hotair quotes Jerusalem Post, who interviewed some of the high ranking Israeli security personnel and high ranking politicians who were seen on the Israelis4Obama video. It seems the only way the Obama campaign can find Israelis to praise Obama - is to trick them and put their words out of context. I think it's worth noting that at least one of them came out and said he would never let his voice be used as a pawn in the election campaign. He does not wish to interfere with the election in the US, just like he does not wish for people from the US to meddle in Israel's.

“It’s not only misleading, it was an interview about what the next president was going to have to deal with,” former deputy chief of staff Maj.-Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan told The Jerusalem Post. “And to know that they used this interview and took five second, and put me in a list of people praising Barack Obama…

“It wasn’t about the campaign, it was about the political and security issues of the Middle East that the next president should be involved in,” he continued. “Nothing was said about Obama or [Republican presidential candidate John] McCain.”

“I don’t want other people to interfere in my elections, and I must not interfere with the elections in the United States,” he said, adding that to do so would be neither “ethical nor smart.” …

Former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy, who appeared in the video praising the Democratic candidate, also said that he was misled.

“I was interviewed for a documentary dealing with what issues the new American president must deal with regarding the Middle East,” Halevy told the Post. “I was asked about the candidates, and was complimentary to both.”

Also at hot-air today, a shining example of why Israelis4Obama are a bunch of fakes, misled people, and far left crazies: Video: Former Obama adviser on invading Israel

Friday, October 03, 2008

Jackie Mason: Obama - the man who accomplished Nutin' vs. Palin - young and fantastic gal

A video from a month ago, but still relevant and entertaining:

I don't know when have I ever heard Jackie Mason tell a joke. His heavy accent and delivery of his sincere thoughts still bring a big smile to my face.

Apparently Jackie Mason is part of "Republican Jewish Coalition".
Powerful ads:

Dick Morris humiliates Colmes - I was on the floor laughing.

Allan, why do you insist on using segments with me to get reading practice on your talking points? Do you want to hear me talking or you're moving to another guest?


I don't believe my objectivity and fairness deserves you spewing your talking points that you've been handed.


You're incredible Allan, is it that you just can't think? Or that you only know how to read those talking points? Unbelievable performance mister Colmes.


This was unbelievable (Palin's performance at the debate), and anyone with a brain ... would conclude that, which does not conclude your co-host I might add.

Best moment of yesterday's post debate babbles - Colmes getting a beating by Morris. Will We ever see Morris on H&C again?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Italy's 80-s Pal-Terror enablers and 2006-2008 collaboration with Hezbollah

Ynet (auto translated): The Italian Job
Former Italian president, Francesco Sko Akusigha, shows how co-operation of government in Rome with Palestinian terrorist organizations during the -80, warned: "Today there is a similar agreement with Hezbollah in Lebanon"

Read it all - despite the broken translation....

Now - who the heck thought that putting European forces in Lebanon at the end of the 2006 war was a good idea? Anyone really surprised to find those forces who were supposed to stop Hezbollah from regaining heavy arms actually aiding them?
According to Akusigha, Italy currently has a similar agreement with Hezbollah. Iunifi"e forces in southern Lebanon are encouraged to move about freely and without fear lives, in exchange for Lacimaat eye and be equipped Hezbollah re option. "In the case of Hezbollah, I can determine with certainty that there is an agreement between the parties"

Euro-whores. From top to bottom.