Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Israel's efforts to help Arabs in Gaza vs. Hamas' brutality towards "brothers"

Israellycool is a very active blogger. Too active perhaps, because it's hard to keep track. Today I found these very important bits of news, which I believe are worth highlighting:

6:02PM: Some more statistics according to the Coordination and Liaison Authority in the Gaza Strip:

  • We coordinated the evacuations of 382 wounded people from the fighting zone
  • Humanitarian officers helped evacuate at least 1,150 uninvolved Palestinians from the fighting zone.
  • In total, 1,300 trucks entered the Gaza Strip with equipment through the Kerem Shalom crossing during the operation, and 65 trucks came in through the Karni crossing.

Meanwhile, Fatah may not be too happy with the ceasefire..

Following the ceasefire, the defense establishment identified the expansion of Hamas fighters firing at Fatah members and people identified with the Palestinian Authority. The phenomenon is mostly prevalent in the northern Strip, with shots fired mostly at people’s legs.

Dozens of Fatah members have been injured since the ceasefire took effect. In one case on Monday, a former Palestinian police officer from Jabaliya was shot in the legs. In several cases Fatah members were shot for laughing.

Simultaneously, Hamas member continue to kidnap Fatah men and jail them in houses seized from civilians.

Found here: Israellycool live blogging 1/20/2009

Arabs: Where's the outrage? Why do the Arab media cover for the barbarity of Hamas? Every Arab in the middle east should ask himself why would he wish such a regime, a Muslim Brotherhood regime, to abuse him, his family, his clan, his town, his country?

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