Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Numbness and Pain

No - this is not a political post. (or didn't start as such)

Went to the dentist this morning, half of my face is numb. Office's internet is sluggish and all videos are blocked - so basically, I'm also on withdrawal from my "news addiction".

Considering that the numbness effect includes my ear - it allows me to delude myself into thinking that I'm unaware of the massive celebrations going on right now... in CNN and NBC offices.

Congratulations to the new administration, while my expectations are severely low - I do hope for the very best.

I root for America's success - not for specific ideals and programs the new administration is promising. So in essence, I disagree with the following title - yet agree with much of the content found inside:
Josef Farah:Pray Obama fails

It's a blast in DC... Also enjoying the festivities: the hookers and coke dealers.

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