Thursday, November 29, 2007

Misogyny and peace in our times

They wouldn't shake her hand, left her all shook up

Foreign Ministers, Two women, one Israeli Jewish the other an African American, meet with Arabs to establish peace... but Arabs let them know what they think of those dirty female kufars...

Any chance for peace? It seems some would sell their soul to get their hand shaken by misogynists and racists. Sure, begging would work - wouldn't it?

Here's some background on how the Arabs prepared for this false peace conference. And more...

Boo-s on the GOP debate

My questions are: Who was allowed to sit in the crowd? Is it just me or does it seem that the CNN debate was more concerned with Left wing talking points than the GOP primaries?!

Hotair: Debate questioner is affiliated with Hillary’s — and Kerry’s — campaigns; Update: Plantmania!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanks Bush. I was almost worried.

Now that I understand what a magnificent false show this conference was - And now that we saw two middle eastern scared and incompetent "leaders" read "peaceful statements", now that we can see how everyone is committed to absolutely nothing but rhetoric - I think it is safe to conclude this was nothing but a dog and pony show to say, "hey, we tried... never mind."

Frail and ailing holocaust denier Mahmood Abbas is counting the seconds to his downfall... I'll follow Ariel Sharon's ideas on issues like this - it's better he and his mafia gang Fatah loose to a genocide hungry Hamas. At least Hamas sucks at Taqiya (deception) and doesn't have any former communist supporters to cheer them. The only reason Fatah still enjoys a "diplomatic" statue is due to their former communists ties. I say: Down with communism first, then down with Jihadism.

Hammas to the Arabs is like that weird dude with black suit and sunglasses to the Matrix - a virus to consume their world and bring darkness on all.

Exit question: Didn't this "peace conference" bring the next middle eastern war a few steps closer?

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Again, barbaric Arab Muslim gang rape Jewish teen in Israel

from Haaretz.

Add that to several other incidents a year in Israel, some incidents in France, Denmark, Sweden, Pakistan (against Christians of course), Egypt (against Christians of course)... can you see the pattern? Is it bigotry to point out the behavior repeatedly exhibited by these animals?

One more note: When one person rapes, it could be attributed to a personal disorder - a freak who could not conform to society's civil rules. When incidents happen within teen communities - it can be associated with teens' general confusion of borders and decency. All of these are disgusting and should be properly punished. But here is yet another case of a gang rape by young men from a community against members of another. One cannot help but find something more to it. Is it the Muslim culture that breeds such savagery?

How about yelling at the poor girls stinking Jews? It seems that more than just fulfilling their primitive animal desires they were perusing some sort of revenge against Jews on the bodies of young teenage girls. Is this what their religion justify? It would seem so - as these incidents have been repeated worldwide by the same ambassadors of the Religion of Peace.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Scarecrow Olmert - do everyone a favor and RESIGN!

On a day when a man is murdered, several towns are bombed, and an infiltration attempt is thwarted. On a day when the government decides to free murderers opposite to high ranking security officials opinions. When a dangerous "pseudo peace" conference is about to commence; I believe there could be only one thing that can put this "wild horse carriage without steerer" to a stop - RESIGN you knuckle head Olmert.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

South America - to be lost to Islam as well?

I highly doubt this - but an interesting read here:

Sultan Knish

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oreilly and CAIR - what gives?

Yesterday Bill Oreilly once again hosted a debate regarding another ACLU and CAIR whining and seething - this time it was the LAPD trying to find extremists in the Muslim communities in LA.

Once again, he invited CAIR's representatives as if it they can be spokespersons for Arabs in America. Never mind their Hamas ties, never mind their un-indicted co conspirators status on HLF, never mind their stance on Terrorism, Sharia as a replacement to US constitution, they still get a pass. He keeps calling them "moderates".

I didn't find a clip from yesterday's shameful pandering, but here are a few previous similar open forums to those terror supporters: Search Results for “oreilly cair”
Look how proud CAIR are to be allowed to distribute their propaganda on Fox News. They publish it all on YouTube:

Friday, November 09, 2007

Israel's own "Abu Ghraib" type reporting

Because daylight slaughter of Jews eating Pizza cannot compare to the "crime" of arresting terrorists...

Click on this crap only if you must:
In English
In Hebrew

Boy those Jewish anti-Semites in Haaretz work hard to spread their propaganda in so many languages at once.

"Objectively" reporting on a "documentary" of the horrors Israeli soldiers supposedly did as if it were facts...

There are 2 allegations of torture while the title makes it sound like one would find about 100! There are about 10 claims that service in army will scar female soldiers for life. Propaganda to demoralize the troops in war, anyone? The director of this documentary proclaims her intentions: to use girls who serve in the army in order to portray her own bad impression of how badly mistreated the Palestinians are and how bad it is for young soldiers. Guess what? It's all whine, whine, whine. "Oh boy, I took revenge", "Oh boy, I washed bodies" - that allegation was flat out denied by an army spokesman who said that the soldier lied that washing bodies was ever a job given to soldiers like her. One "scarred for life witness" refused to be interviewed for this anti Israeli propaganda... Some of the girls are traumatized but at least one is an obvious liar admitting her far left agenda.

Checking on the writer, named "Dalia Karpel" reveals something not so surprising. She is very popular with the ISM - Communists, pro Terror, Anti-Semite, fake "peace activists". Haaretz and Walla are willing propaganda distributes against Jews and against Israel. The Jewish Gables has been found!

If you want to read the type of propaganda she espouses - search her name in Google...
Here's exhibit A, B, and C

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Derelict Murderers, absolves self of murdering own children - it's always the JOOOOOS fault.

In this yet another boring misrepresentation of facts by BBC... I found the following gem:

"The majority of Palestinians would not believe the court if they said the killing was fake," says Dr Eyad Sarraj, the head of the Gaza Community Health Programme. "They would see it as some sort of conspiracy."

"All Palestinians see the Israelis as guilty in this. Even if Muhammad al-Durrah was killed by a Palestinian bullet, if it hadn't been for the Israeli occupation in Gaza he would be still alive today."

Even If...
What kind of animal murders its own children to blame it's neighbor?!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

BAGAZ, Mazuz, Bai ki mun, AP, Reuters, Adalla: HATE Jews in Sderot

BAGATZ - that's what the initials of the Israeli Supreme court spells out and reads like in Hebrew. Mazuz - the legal counselor of the Israeli government. Both found common language on debating against cutting or reducing Israel's aid to Gaza in the form of electricity and fuel.

All of the above simply do not care that Gaza keeps bombing Jews in Sderot. The don't care that Jewish residents have their personal safety at peril, their finances at risk, and their electricity frequently cut off by those derelict murderers from Gaza.

Somehow they all believe it is the legal responsibility of the state of Israel to keep the light on in Al-Qaeda's kitchen. The latest headlines in YNet and Walla/Haaretz scream: Israel should explain how cutting off electricity and fuel does not constitute collective punishment. Why try to explain this? Why in the world is it the responsibility of Israel to care for the well being of its enemies? What kind of a backwards world do we live in?


Pat Robertson to endorse Giuliani

Next Jessi Jackson would endorsing Hillary Clinton... right.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Who's issuing death threats at the analyst who posted a negative report about Citibank? Saudis?

As it is well known, some Saudi royalties have a large stake in Citi-Bank, the bank they bought at bargain prices when it nearly collapsed in the early 90-s. They are shaking in their sand tents right now as the value of the bank is falling and they found who to blame. The messenger.

It's not like they didn't see it coming.

Now - no one is saying who is issuing the death threats, but a certain "not so peaceful" culture might raise a biased suspicion.