Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Palestinian Walking Dead

Israel is under a terror attack wave, each day - the Palestinians send their children (sometimes literally 13 year old children) to stab Jews, and probably die doing so. When these terrorists die while attempting murder, they are described as victims of murder and the next group of lemming murderers are sent. The Palestinian society teaches their children to hate and murder, thus keep pushing their lemmings over the cliff. I find there is no better way to describe reality where you try to live your regular life while murderous zombies are walking around you wishing to stab you - a stranger - because they think you are a Jew.

The world is silent these days - no condemnations, no sensations, no headlines world wide. The only time you'd expect any such reactions is when Israel will retaliate. Meanwhile, the headlines speak a different story, where Palestinians stab in aim to murder, and are killed to neutralize, they are described by the world anti-Semitic press as victims. Their unholy war of murder is described as "violence in Israel". These are disgusting times - but there's nothing new here - right? It's what we've come to expect. Unless you were born yesterday (which some of these zombies were) - Arabs will murder, world will show its antisemitism and the Jewish victims will be blamed.

At some point, the Arab zombies will feel the painful results of their lemming like walk to the cliff - and things will calm down again for a while. Until then, the Israeli Michon will have to carry her sword, and the rest of the Jews will learn Krav Maga, and carry pepper spray - and the Zombies will be killed - as they should.

Palestinians - seeking their next stabbing victims

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