Friday, January 09, 2009

About those "Arab Victories" in 1973 and 2006...

I agree with Eye-On-The-World:

Lebanon Arrests Suspects in Katyusha Attack
( The Lebanese Army Friday arrested what it said was a squad numbering seven people who it says are responsible for the Katyusha rocket attack Thursday against Israel's North.

The suspects admitted that they were members of the Lebanese Hamas movement.

The Lebanese Army and a UNIFIL force discovered an additional, ready-to-launch rocket pod.
The Lebanese are arresting Hamas.

Israel's "loss" in 2006 has left a brown stain in Arabs' minds. Not even Nasrallah has the balls to repeat that "win". We know Egypt doesn't try to repeat its 1973 Yom Kippur "win", and Iraq is too busy with strife to give a crap over Palestinians who supported Saddam. Syria is hiding behind some chair in another room, somewhere, after their "non-existent" nuclear reactor was vaporized.

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