Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can you love Obama and draw this Image?

The artist is proudly selling his on art on EBay.

This painter seriously reminds of the characters on the movie "Art School Confidential".

Other Art by Lacy:

I'm no psychologist, but your president's naked behind next the horn of a unicorn are obvious - obvious - signs of something... I'll let the readers complete this thought.

1 comment:

  1. This is the craziest "art" ever! I love the one with the bear fighting the unicorn, but the one of the talking dildo really takes things to a whole new level! What the hell are these people thinking? It crosses the line on so many levels! I'm not even really on the Obama train, and I'm offended! Do they think this is "respectful" to Obama? It's like they're so full of their own kool-aid that they haven't stopped to self-monitor their creativity. Or they're trying to exploit the liberal fervor that's driving everyone to tears when one man speaks (over a bloodless coup that happens every four years...A.K.A. U.S. Elections). I totally remember seeing film of people crying when a new leader came into power. They threw parades, parties, and drew elaborate art. This guy had a symbol for change, and a strong fever for action. His name is was Hitler.

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