Monday, April 30, 2007

Insane racist protestors hiding behind their signs while screaming through megaphones at children.

Yesterday I went with my family to a celebration of Israel's Independence Day at EMU. It was nothing more than a local Jewish community event. There were no advertisement in the papers, any huge crowds, and definitely no political statements. It was a bunch of families indoors with dancing and music.

As we parked the car, I noticed a bunch of weirdoes waving Arab flags standing at the entrance. I knew that the crazies were protesting last year at the Jewish Community Center, so I suspected they might be at EMU this year. There were about five of them. They carried insane racist signs such as “Zionist lobby inside”. That’s right a bunch of children are the Zionist lobby.

As I walked with my two young daughters into the building, a woman covered in disguise was shouting at us with a megaphone “How many babies did you murder today” and “Why aren’t you wearing your white sheets”. I walked by, didn’t look at her nor talked back. Two laid back college police stood at the door and looked at the scene with bored faces. My wife took pictures, and I’ll post them on later today. While taking pictures, some of the protesters hid behind their signs. Cowards and racists? Wow. When my wife went in they yelled at her personally: "KILLERS ZIONIST CAN U SAY HOW MANY CHILDREN U KILLED TODAY".

To contrast the insanity of the racist fives outside, inside you found drawings made by little children of peace doves and peace signs. That’s right – the left’s most beloved symbol of actual hatred (of America, of Israel, of the troops) – peace symbols. There was music, dancing, food, and artsy activity stations for the kids. At some point a state senator was mentioned and a local councilman who were part of the community. All in all, just a laid back calm event.

It was only symbolic to find within an exhibit of photographs inside the event a photo of an exodus boat being deported by the British in 1947 from Israel to Cypress. It gave us a chance to connect everything for our daughters. How crazies in Europe just like the ones greeting us outside were carrying signs of “Youdens Ous” at our grandparents. And when they survived the Holocaust as orphan children they were shuffled around the world, and deported to Cyprus where my Dad was born. For the new-Nazis, the lefties and Jihadists, it doesn’t matter where a Jew lives. Even if we don’t live in Israel – they still do their best to traumatize our children. In Israel they mortar shell the civilian houses, and here they scream murderers at children.

Full album:
Racists At EMU

Sunday, April 29, 2007

An SNL bit worth watching again and again

They're still broadcasting kind of a lame rerun of an episode... but "maraka" was just great and as a parent, I can certainly relate:

Thursday, April 26, 2007

When Bat Ye'or speaks, listen!

Excellent analysis of current events found in this interview.

Can there be something that will finally wake the snoozy Europeans up? Let's be optimistic - at least the latest elections in France where not between two Jihadists, although Royal (the "feminist" communist) did go and meet with Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon a few months ago. If they do continue on the same path - it would be.

Here's some more info in how bad things are in Europe right now: Jihad and the Collapse of the Swedish Model

Here, there are enough reasons to worry for fate similar to Malmo, Sweden. Dare I mention that NO ONE BESIDES MUSLIMS WISHES TO MOVE INTO DEARBORN, MICHIGAN?!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Israeli press spit in the face of the nation on independence and memorial days

The “hyper anti patriot”, to say the least, Israeli press chose these two consecutive days to publish “editorials”, or verbal attacks, on the nation’s right to exist as expressed by Israel haters such as Uri Avneri (Yediot/Ynet), Zuhair Andraus (Walla/Haaretz), as well as many other negative and depressing opinions celebrating not a day of rejoicing for the Jewish people returning to their historical homeland but the Arab “Disaster” (Nakba).

Revolting… Lefties of all breads, be it here in the US, at Europe or Israel are all following the same cue card – How to dismantle your nation piece by piece. This is nothing but shameful and disgusting.

What if Forrest Gump was president?

Read a good starting point to that question here:

Now a better way to phrase it would be: Was the movie Forrest Gump about a former president? Consider the similarities... southern man, coming from the sixties... loves chocolate... OK - it really ends here I guess. No need to smear the office by delving into insults. He was the people's choice - just another choice to regret.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Outrageous mass media manipulation

This should really deserve a much larger attention, and more evidence. But if proven - there's room for a real action against the criminal media manipulators who try to implant subliminal messages onto the masses

read at hot air (As usual?)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

If only there were more people like this brave Muslim

Read at MEMRI

I really hope he lives long enough to convince some on his side... I'm not getting my hopes up though.

Norway -friends of Hamas

As the frozen country awakens into spring - it springs into action to fund the PA government despite the fact that it is still controlled by a world renounced terror group, still declares its desire to murder all the Jews and still proclaims to want to impose Sharia on everyone in the west. One question: WHY? My guess - the Norwegians, after years of political apathy, and media sympathy to terror, after years of accepting communist propaganda - the people there don't care that their government supports terror. The people of Norway, simply put, are still in hibernation.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Azmi Bishara: A spy in Israeli parliament flees home to Syria!

It is hinted in Israeli media but the local gag order prevents full discloser. Instead here's a link to Arab media (translated through google)

Anyone needs further proof that double speaking in the name of leftism while fully supporting Islamists is a facade for actual Islamist Spies? I have no doubt that some on the left who repeat the same vile stuff that Bishara did are Useful Idiots or devoted Communists - but the facts are simple: When you spout single sided views in veiled support of extinction of Jews - you meet the definition of an Anti-Semite, and you serve non others than Jihadi Nazis.

Monday, April 09, 2007

The sounds of peace negotiation

The sounds of peace negotiation - this is what it sounds like:

Us: Hello unnamed entity, for years you have sought to obliterate us or our friends, you call us pigs and monkeys and teach your children that suicide is great if it takes some of us with you on their way to heaven. Our media, however, has reassured us that we are ignorant and biased and that peace through negotiation is the only way. We have studied our media’s fairytale and concluded that the root cause of the violence is us and only us. Let us start. It is time to end the bloodshed for the future of our children, let’s begin by offering you some land.

Them: This land was stolen from us when we tried to make you extinct last time, give it to us and then we shall talk. As a measure of good faith from us we will send one less rocket on your civilian homes today. May Our God strike you – you monkey.

Us: Sure, great, here is your land and some weapons to guard it. May we pay you some salaries while we’re at it? I hear your students are poor, may we offer USAID?

Them: Curse your whore mother you fascist. Our God hates you. One day we will kill you all. I’m sending my children to murder yours.

Us: This didn’t go as expected, let’s try again. Here’s some more land, and we will give your great leaders a peace prizes. Let’s shake hands?

Them: Your buildings are too tall – watch us give candies to our children as our brothers have brought the towers down. Why do you profile us at your airports?

Us: This is all a big misunderstanding – come out of your caves and let’s talks. More aid? More weapons? We can help you set up a democratic election between your “militant fractions”?

Them: Sons of pigs and monkeys be worn – you have humiliated us by providing aid and rebuilding our infrastructure and we shall kidnap and behead your journalists and diplomats. We need more green cards.

Us: We have a great Idea, we will forfeit any former demand for decency on your side – how does that sound? We shall forbid our third in place for presidency from traveling to meet one of your 99 percent approval presidents and when she arrives you can claim victory? Not good enough? We shall not retaliate to blatant acts of war? Our media is quite willing to continue cover things from your point of view - let’s solve things through negotiation.

Them: Your military might is humiliating our small male organs. Scratch that - you are weak like women. We will build weapons of mass destruction. For distraction – here’s a small scale war in a place you did not expect. We lost more people, we won. We have some flying Imams and burning flags for you too - do not caricature our profit. Our God curses you. Soon, Satan, you will swim in a river of your own blood. Here’s an exploding bus and some chlorine bombs. Our noble nations are humiliated by your ability to breathe air.

Us: Let’s build bridges, come lecture us at one of our political party’s national assembly of how you envision peace.

Them: Our God curses you. Our God will punish you. We will come and inhibit your nations and demand our religious law to rule you. We are your friends you monkeys. Assimilate or face annihilation.

Us: Sounds great. Let's ask the French how they managed your "just will for freedom" and follow their example.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Some say the problem with Iraq is that the Iraqis won’t fight for their country – I disagree

I’ve been paying attention to media people proclaiming that the reason Iraq has not become a normal place during the US forces presence is because the Iraqis do not stand up against the terrorist and fight back. I find a major flaw with this analysis based in the idea that the problem has to do with use of force. From what I gather, the real issue is that Arabs (and not just Iraqis) tend to pick sides with what they perceive as their clan, and with that side they will stand shoulder to shoulder till the bloody hopeless end. The western value of pursuit of happiness does not apply. It is the pursuit of perverse justice, blood vengeance that triggers the emotions in the region. The direct consequence of such mentality is that the Muslim Arabs of Iraq take sides with the terrorists be it from the Shiite wing or the Sunni. The only one enemy both camps agree on is the US or the US trained and financed secular Iraqi army and police.

The battle has been lost and the victory will continue to elude the west as long as the leaders of the west refuse to acknowledge the real root of the violence – the Arab mentality. Such mentality uses bully like techniques to overtake any conversation, stifle ideological resistance and eventually let only the murderous madness become the consensus among its target audience. Only once that mentality is defeated, can we expect whistle blowers and collaboration from the locals. Once this is achieved, victory will be at hand.

The real battle should have been for the minds of the Arabs – but not through dialogue and good will – only through the technique they have grown to trust: Blatant indoctrination and denial of freedoms. Arabs in the Middle East are brain washed through an onslaught of broadcast media which admires Islamic Jihad and finds only evil in the western culture. Access to hateful media should have been blocked as a first step of trying to implement a new horizon for the Middle East. It is now clear – Arabs choose violence, and the US tax payers pay the bill.