Monday, January 05, 2009

Muslims world wide demand a new Holocaust and riot against Jews

Feeling comfy in Australia are you?

Pro-jihad demo in Oz: "Palestine is Muslim land, Muslims will never surrender one handspan"

When there's no where to hide and run, even the most defeatists lefties will have to acknowledge it is time to step up and defend - if not to confront, attack and defeat those who wish to murder you for being of Jewish descent.

Many Jews from Europe have fled prior to 1939 in which every way they could despite England's attempt to obstruct and deport back to Europe. Those who did not flee where powerless and could not defend themselves.

It didn't take a crystal ball to see the future prior to 1939, it really would require you to turn blind and deaf not to observe what is happening today in Europe, Australia and the US. Or - you could watch CNN and not understand what is happening at all: Calls grow around world for calm in Gaza

Today, Jews in Israel are fleeing from one war zone to another. Seeking shelter from rockets on the south in the north, which is also under threat from Hezbollah/Iran. Many Jews have fled Israel over the last 60 years - although not in any meaningful numbers to suggest any demographic "victory" for the forces of Islamo-Nazism.

I write this post to emphasize to those who immigrate out of fear. To those who align themselves with the aggressors and haters of Jews in hopes of being spared to wake up and look around. There's no where to hide! Years of supporting and aiding the "occupation/shmock-you-pay-tion" lies and nonsense has led to new riots in the streets of Europe against Jews. To violent intimidation across US colleges. To swastikas and vandalism atop Jewish graves across the world.

I'm not "disappointed" with Jews in the US. I know who they are and where they stand. I can only plead this case, that supporting those who are overtly against you and the only one refuge country for Jews in the world - Israel - will cost us all dearly. I pointed out before to the antisemitism and hate on Huffington Post, other point out to whatever is happening in the kuku nest at Daily Kos. There are videos of chants of death to Jews - not Israelis - at hateful rallies in Florida and dozens of Lefty moonbats are gathering and supporting those who call for a new holocaust. WAKE UP!

This is what's happening today: (Please click each and every one of these links)
Netherlands, Socialist MP: "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas"

Pro-Hamas Protesters Ravage Jewish Neighborhood In Antwerp After Rally

Gaza protesters gather near Obama's home - Chicago Breaking News

Pro-Palestinian demonstration greets Obama in Hawaii | JTA ...

Paris: Pro-Hamas Protesters Riot, Torch Cars, Loot High-End Stores.....

LGF: Bad Craziness in San Francisco

Ft. Lauderdale HAMASniks Slither Out From Under the Rock; Tell Jews to "Go Back to the Oven"

Thousands in Europe Protest Gaza Offensive

Athens feels some Gaza side effects

Toronto: Police protect 5,000 screaming jihadist sympathizers from a handful of anti-jihad Canadians

Denmark: "Kill Jewish people evry where in ther world!!!!"

(Jihad-Watch is a major source to this post, but not the only one)

Notice that these demonstrations are not against Israel, or against "Israeli Aggression", but many in the crowds express their true feelings: They hate Jews and want to kill them all, they want the land of Israel, which they call Palestine (without being able to pronounce the 'P'), all that land to be Muslim only, Iran-2.

More antisemitic moonbats:(weaselzippers)

A "final solution" is in the air - and the world is still contemplating putting pressure on Israel and Jews, not on those who are vocal in their evil intentions.

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