Saturday, January 03, 2009

About the Palestinian whiny, circular propaganda

As Geraldo Riveriera on FoxNews right now interviews Hannan Ashrawi (the always hilariously lies through the teeth, would be comedian if she wasn't so serious in her overt "back on it's head" stream of lies. She's a pathological liar and "secret lover" to some deceased prominent American "journalists") - it makes me think about the circular Palestinian nonsense they espouse as propaganda:

1. First they tell their own people that the Koran commands murdering all the Jews and set plans to achieve said goal.
2. Then they attack.
3. They are defeated, and start whining "unfair".
4. Israel gives them sovereignty.
5. They tell their own people that the Koran commands murdering all the Jews and set plans to achieve said goal.
6. They fire rockets.
7. They are defeated, but claim victory to their own people because they can still speak to a microphone.
8. They go to western media to whine that the Israelis are viciously murdering innocent people.
9. Israel holds back, signs treaties, sets up a government for Arabs, builds them an economy.
10. Arabs tell their own people that Israel will soon be eliminated - set plans to murder all the Jews.
11. They attack, get defeated, go on local media to claim victory and incite hatred, go on western media to say they are innocent and it's all because Israel hasn't done a thing to ensure peace.
12. Israel withdraws, establishes agreements, brings in European border inspectors, evacuates Jews and roots out economies.
13. Arabs attack Jews, blame Jews, claim victory because they managed to grab a live Jewish soldier.
14. Israel is attacked from Lebanon, Israel is condemned for retaliating. Arabs claim victory for being able to speak to a microphone. Arabs whine to the west claiming they are victims.
15. Israel does not retaliate nor care to security of own population. Arabs whine, claim victimized, murder Jews, claim victory, shoot rockets, say Israel hasn't done a thing for peace.
16. Israel retaliates - Arabs claim victory by being able to speak to a microphone, claim disproportionality because they can't win a battle they started, talk to Geraldo Riveira on Saturday, January 2009 and whine - whine - whine - whine...

Hannan Ashrawi - shut up! You're lies are too circular, even puppies stop chasing own tail at some point. Want peace? Want security? STOP MURDERING PEOPLE, STOP INSTIGATING WARS! The humane thing to do when you lose a war and your enemy doesn't threaten you with a genocide is to raise a white flag and live in peace. Germans did it, Japanese did it - Arabs can't because they still wish to produce genocide onto Jews.

It's been said - when Arabs drop their guns, there will be piece, when Israel would drop their guard - there would be a new holocaust.
Well weepty do - Fox-News has been broadcasting Geraldo's interview about 4 times in a loop in the last hours (between 8 to 12).

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