Friday, July 14, 2006

Did I mention already how much I hate the French?

Disproportional condemnation: Israel attacked infrastructure and terrorist targets. Every location targeted by Israel has been debated by a set of lawyers to verify it meets to most scrupulous international humanitarian law before attacking. Leaflets were sent to Lebanon civilians warning of possible danger – what has not been done to protect the civilians of Lebanon during this war? But Israel gets condemned. Curse you France.

No one has yet condemned the bombardment of Israeli civilians; the deliberate attempt to murder Jews. I did hear some faint condemnations of the abduction, but the Israeli civilians are fare game.

Every act of war, including war crimes is legitimate in European eyes against Israel all the while no act of war – although completely legal actions by actual international are condemned.

I condemn the French people for being smelly. Very smelly. I can smell your stench from here in Ann Arbor, MI – USA!

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