Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finally, a response! But are the right goals at sight?

Minister Perets and Prime spaghetti Olmert have both spoken about the kidnapping as the reason, stating that if the soldier is released, the attack would stop. Let’s get this straight: Bomb a city within a country; that’s OK. Attack soldiers – not?

Both should not be! Attacking an army post within a country is an act of war unless a war is already on its way. But so is attacking civilian population with mortar shells. The latter just happens to be a war crime.

Let’s hope the Israeli troops aren’t placed like ducks on a range and the goals of this counter attack are focused on delivering a strong message, if not rooting out terrorism (which would be my preferred choice). The message should not be: “don’t kidnap”. Nor should it be “do not fight with our soldiers”. The message should be clear; SURRENDER to peace – live peacefully with your neighbors.

For some reason – Palestinians just don’t follow reason – they think they can attack and murder people while whining about being somehow the victims. No one can and no one should be allowed to get away with such evil.

One more note: If the intention of the latest destruction of bridges and the capture of Gaza's southern border is to verify that the kidnapee is not moved out of Rafah - isn't it a bit late? Isn't it late by like 72 hours?

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