Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Time for stating your goals

Stating you wish to have the kidnapped soldiers released is simply not enough. Threatning everyone with a war is nothing more than a dumb move. It is time to set clear goal for the military actions. The goals should look beyond the precious life of one or two soldiers and consider the fate of a nation.

It is time to call for operations which would disarm terror groups on the borders of Israel. If any one side chooses to attack Israelis, the government of that country should bare the guilt. The world should not accept idle words of the dummy prime minister of Lebanon wining "we didn't know".

The government of Lebanon has an army. The army of lebanon did not disarm the terror groups on the border with Israel, hence they must share the responsibility.

The Israelis goal should be:
a. Disarm Hizbolla
b. Have all Hizbolla operatives sit in jails in Israel and/or Lebanon
C. Have all Hamas leaders sit in jails in Israel and/or Syria

Whether or not the soldiers are released is simply not important in the long run and in the global perspective. The fact is that while terror groups are allowed to organize and plot, the current set of casualties and abductees would dwarf with regards to what is ahead.

If Lebanon wishes to aliviate the tention, they should focus on arresting and disarming the terror groups within.

I know I stated the goal of this blog to address the state of people suffering from terror, but I feel it would be a disgrace not to talk about a major issue - you do not solve the problems of terror victims by letting terror afflict others.

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