Monday, November 27, 2006

Rolling disastrous policies in the Middle East

Both republicans and democrats, when they discuss policies for stability in Iraq in particular, and in the Middle East in general, miss the main point. They base their plans on the delusion that the tribal structure of the Arab world along with the blood thirsty culture can be some how molded into a form of a democratic self government. It seems to me that every attempt to give the Arabs in Iraq self governing and policing control results in rivers of blood. Every location the Army cleared of terrorists and then handed over, turned in a short while to a new safe haven for the same or “newly recruited” terrorists from the older or a newly formed terror group. Is this a global network or the manifestation of a culture we are looking at?

The same genius approach is implemented in Lebanon and in Gaza. The Israelis turn a blind eye to the Syrian and Iranian ongoing process of militarizing the local populations. They are turning the civilian population to a division of the Syrian armed forces with the directives and command of Syrian and Iranian military officers. For a quick reminder, Israel withdrew from south Lebanon and Gaza on the behest of the world community with the encouragement of the US. The idea was to let self governing Arabs reach the conclusion that peace is at hand and live happily ever after. Living in la la land won’t solve a thing. Not for Iraq, not for Gaza and not for Lebanon. It is high time someone reaches that conclusion and begins diverting efforts from a “democratic Arab rule” to an imposed dictatorship and complete occupation on these people. Some nations are too blood thirsty to rule themselves.

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