Saturday, July 29, 2006

A few very hard questions

1. Why did Israel not invade Lebanon on the first days of the war and taken care of the missile threat over its civilians?
2. Why did Bush change his mind the moment Blair said so - does it have anything to do with the distrust he places on Olmert?
3. Why are the French such close friends with Hezbollah? Chirac's friends are bent on murdering all the Jews...
4. If Lebanon sponsored terror and knew of the initial attack, then stood behind the kidnapping, complained they are the victim and that they are destroyed all the while a terror group who sits in the government bombs Israeli civilians deliberatly - How can they claim Victory?!
5. Why was Israel not given time or support by the rest of the world?!
6. Why are terror harboring civilians more precious to AP, AFP, CNN and Reueters as victims than kindergarten children who happen to be Jewish?
7. Why are Jews in the US asked to apologize to Muslims for their "humilation" and for the fact that they are seen by the general public as terrorists - when the a muslim shoots and murder Jewish women? (Foxnews 7/29/06 John Kasich - Heartland show)

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