Friday, June 23, 2006

Stop the Jizya! Stop looking for ways to help them

Those poor and miserable Palestinians! They must be fed; nurtured; pat on the back until they burp and then let them play with some toddler toys. Grown men and women who cannot produce anything but terror. Can’t create jobs, can’t educate, can’t research, can’t develop, can’t build. They can however threat everyone – I mean everyone – with more violence. Their dreams are of world dominance as they recently claimed on their television channel. In the meanwhile: “Feed me” - “Feed! Me! Wa Wa Wa”

Why are world power so concerned with feeding them? Even if they pay money directly to those parasites bank accounts – why? All that they do is allow their terrorist government to invest more money into murdering Jews and training the next world terrorist (like the shoe bomber, or British Pakistani terrorists).

Even if you give them food and not money (which is not the case) – that still only releases more of their own funds for terror. Why do anything for these people while they are adamant regarding their primitive dominance aspirations?

It is high time to turn the tables – to start demanding – to stop the special treatment of this imbecile world body child: UNRWA – the biggest farce of them all. Palestinians are not refugees – and if they were – then there is a different body within the UN which was supposed to take care of them. UNRWA instead hires the Palestinians, pays them salaries, and finances their school which teach anti Semitic and false history curriculum. I don’t know about you – but where I live – medical treatment is expensive. For Palestinians – it’s free. Free for them that is – but not for us – who pay taxes in the US, while the US funds the UN which funds UNRWA. For god’s sake – why?

If the US pays for their schooling, then the US should dictate the curriculum, and have it pass strict criteria. Stop letting them saw the seeds of hate and murder. Stop letting HAMAS and FATAH run their own schools on US’s expense.

“But they are very poor, they have no industry, no economy …” bla bla bla! Shut up! In every nation there are people more deserving for such help. I care more for Katrina victims, for Darfur victims, for tsunami victims, for terror victims. Yes – those illusive people who suffered terror need help. They deserve help. Unemployed residents of Sderot deserve financial help far more than Palestinians simply because they are the victims of the rockets shot by the Palestinians. It’s a type of a cycle – the world pays the Palestinians – the Palestinians destroy everything around them – people at Israel suffer and retaliate - the world cries for the poor Palestinians. I wouldn’t call it a cycle of violence, I call it the cycle of stupidity perpetuated and financed by world powers.

In a normal society – one in which people care for their children, for the future – one in which leaders care for the future of their nation – the humongous financial support bestowed upon the Palestinian population thus far, and in the future, would have built at the very least some sort of an economy. Some sort of an ability to rule, ability to legislate and enforce some civilian laws. As it so happens, the Palestinian authority is a Mafia heaven. A pure and simple Jungle of lawlessness.

As long as those people are not held accountable for their own doing, their own horrible homicide driven doing, there is no hope for them. Stop paying them; stop financing them all together in all forms and shapes!

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