Thursday, June 15, 2006

About arrogance and stupidity

While running on a socialist ticket, the leader of the Israeli labor party took the stunning step of assuming the role of the minister of defense. Baffling as that may sound; his policies as a minister are shining a clearer light on his stupidity and arrogance. The man cannot shut up. After minor retaliations and practically lowering the military responses to Arab bombardments of towns in Israel, he went ahead and bragged that his policy of restrain has succeeded and there are no more rocket attacks.

Wrong, arrogant and stupid. More rockets today - Surprised?

Here’s a suggestion: Stop talking! For every missile fired on you, fire 10 back, unapologetic, stop making excuses, stop laying low and expressing sorrow whenever the other side suffers for this. Let them beg you to stop. If you are really worried about pressure from international community – stop answering the phone.

An elected official in any country should focus on the outrage of his constituency over being shelled by rockets, and stop being so chatty and apologetic regarding casualties with the enemy camp.

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