Friday, October 27, 2006

The true face of Anti-Semitism

When people reflect on the meaning of antisemitism they often think about WWII and mumble calmly that “those Germans, it was their fault entirely” - Disregarding the fact that it was a world plague.

Antisemitism should not be measured only with backwards goggles. You cannot reflect back, state that things were probably bad because of a few select “bad people” and that today it is all different. In my view, the harshest forms of antisemitism come to light when blatant hatred of Jews is disregarded as the norm. This is a clear sign of things going really bad.

The hatred has gone no where. The symptoms might have subsided for a few years, even allowing the Jewish people to form their own state, but recent horrifying actions which have gone with little attention from media have reassured us that antisemitism is back full throttle.

Take the US universities as a classic example. Hate is taught and practice under the false pretense of Middle Eastern studies or “sensitivities to the feelings of Muslims”. Swastikas on Jewish dorms have apparently become a thing of the norm, not worthy of reaching the news. “It is all the Jews fault, they started all the wars” – when a famous (religious?) entertainer said that the media went into a frenzy but when it is repeated by too many in the left spectrum of our political arena it is considered “OK”.

It is back, full throttle, and the worst part about it is the calmness by which humanity accepts it. It is normal to hate and harass the Jews – this is the true face of antisemitism – this is its worst manifestation. One day some will look back, reflect and write in history books that “there might have been some indications of Jew hating but they were scarce as they were not too often highlighted by media”. Everyone thought the holocaust was a surprise, didn’t expect that for some reason – what next disaster will humanity ponder about with slight indifference?

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