Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Of Muslim Rage

How often do we hear about grievances from our Muslim neighbors? They “care” so dearly for their “brothers” in the Middle East. They pretend to care for every Palestinian dying, but only raise the voice when the blame is on Israel, not their own. They care for Jihad leaders dying in Lebanon, but not for reforming politicians and former heads of states like Hariri. They “care” for “innocent” civilians killed by US marines, but not a peep about the scores massacred in mosques by Jihadists. The examples of such “care” are too staggering to keep track of.

The issue as I see it, is that they “care” only when it serves as a good excuse for violence against the west. It so happens that every petty crime or a big plot to murder always finds an excuse. In that sense, they will NEVER run out of excuses, and contrary to the left’s point of view, no matter how much appeasement is served, they will NEVER stop attacking. With regards to the left, it does seem it will never learn.

If one would just try observing the situation objectively he would find that the west, the Israelis, the Republicans, the British government, are all trying to do the same – bring peace and stability, root out violence as a political tool in the Middle East. Some might say this is ridiculous considering the Military involvement, to them I would answer that all military actions the west has carried were either retaliatory, preemptive, or peace keeping tasks gone badly due to malicious intent from the local population.

The facts are clear: Israel has been trying to construct peace with its neighbors, while all the Arabs do in response is attempt to murder more Jews. The US is trying to install stable governments based on peaceful democratic tools; there are no exploitive agendas there. The US wishes to withdraw and has never expressed will to rule, convert, or construct an empire. Now look at the other side of the equation, I see no need to elaborate on the Jihadists activities. But instead, look at what the Muslims in the US, Canada, and England are saying. They pretend it is all a plot to “kill innocent Muslims”.

Can’t argue with purposely deceitful agitators.

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