Friday, May 19, 2006

Enemies of the civilized world

Ever since the great president Nickson warmed up the relations between criminal China and the US, it has been public policy of all nations to turn a blind eye to the horror that is modern China. It would be a selective choice to blame one government or another, but I choose to blame everyone; the electronic industry, the tourists, and the governments.

In the name of “progress” China has abused its citizens for cheap labor houses to produce cheaper then dirt devices. Destroying all producing industries at western courtiers by providing impossible to beat prices, China has caused a dependency in the global economy only comparable to narcotics.

Using said “progress” excuse, China has secured itself dubious sources of energy from parallel evils of the world like Iran and Sudan. China stood by Sadam Husain, China stands by Hamas whom just this week were invited to walk the red carpet in China. There is no parallel in history to such stoat support for genocidal regimes for greed.

Let’s face it – the communists today are greedy. While ranting slogans on western campuses like “no blood for oil”, the communists are letting every drop of blood spilled in the world be ignored in pursuit of self interest.

There will be no “UN Council Resolution” on Iran. There will be none on terror against Israel, and non against mass murder in Darfur, Sudan. The only reason is China’s financial interests. Not the interest of the people of China, who for some reason never were the concern of their government, but of the ruling sect of top communist politicians.

China itself is well known for being a bully against Taiwan and other neighbors continuously threatening all with a full scale war if they do not adhere to their demands at once. Abuses of human rights within China are well known yet publicized modestly in the west. China is the occupier and aggressor of Tibet. For some reason Tibet, which deserves public world attention a lot more than the murderous Palestinians, has never been a thorn in any government’s diplomatic policy.

Can the wheels be turned? Of course they could but the cost is the issue. There is an unbearable cost that no one would be willing to embrace if the west chooses to disengage with the Communist and Islamic world. It is almost unimaginable. The real issue is that the powers of evil continue to wage war against us while we do nothing to fend ourselves. The long range cost of this war, might be much higher.

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