Monday, July 24, 2006

The so called protectors of Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Islam

There is a common theme to the terrorist groups and the Syrian government's behavior. They all claim to protect their people. The simple fact is that if they were not to attack and provoke, there would be no excuse of "protecting" - since Israel is not attacking peaceful neighbors. Oh - I forgot, reason and logic doesn't speak to the Arab brain.

But what about their aggression towards Jewish Israelis (They apologize when they murder Arabs)? Their aggression can be compared to the dumb kid in class who is harassing little kids, and then whines when their bigger brothers come to stop it. The Syrian army is pathetic and can be squashed in two weeks. Israeli or American tanks can rumble through the streets of Damascus with ease. The same is true for Hezbollah and Hamas – they have no way to stop the Israeli Army if the decision is made to REALLY put a stop to it (and not fight one terrorist here and there at leisure). If Israel had wished, it could have already taken over Gaza and Lebanon and placed them both under military civic control.

The truth is that this is what Iran wants. Iran wants to pull the Israeli Army blanket over the borders from eastern Syria to the Gaza border with Egypt – so that it can excuse the use of WMD-s against Israel. Israel has so far not fallen for those tricks.

My main point is of the idiocy of the Arabs. The claim to fame of “protectors” of Lebanon, or Gaza or whatever – is so false, that only the primitive back order brain of a barbarian can accept.

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