Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The world has not ended - yet

My wife asked me a week ago what do I think will happen on 8-22, will Iran start a war? Will the cease fire in Lebanon collapse? I answered to her that either a war starts or we win the lottery. I spent 5$ on tuesday's lotterry.

Sadly - I did not win the lottery... but neither has the world come to an end. I believe the latter is a good thing.

No real need to mention that it is high time the world powers (USA, Russia and China) start putting real pressure on Iran, Lebanon and Syria to end the madness.

By the way - has anyone noticed how two days after the decleration of the cease fire in Lebanon - the US media has decided that peace has broke out and there is no more need to cover the story? Anyone notice any news bits over the kidnapped foxnews reporters in Gaza? Just today their kidnappers released a video of them and an impossible demand hinting they are about to chop their heads "Zarkawi" style. Such lovely people the Palestinians. As far as I'm concerned, there are 5 hostages in terrorists hands which should be released under no terms for the situation in Lebanon and the Palestinian authority to move forward. That is 3 Israeli soldiers, and 2 foxnews reporters.

I said before that I think the pot is reaching a boiling point - I believe that this situation has not changed. We are now talking about 5 hostages, soon we will be talking about more, the only situation which has pacified a bit is the rockets flying into Israel from the north. The situation is still pretty much the same from the south. Rockets still rain in on southern Israeli towns.

Let's face it - being right in your ambitions, being just in your heart - is not a guarenty to achieving victory and implementing your ideals. I see the current Bush/Olmert set of actions and tactics as a disaster. Time to wake up - No democracy can take hold in an enviroment of Mafia rule. Terrorists are not political parties and when they pretend to be, they take over and act as thugs. The historical lesson of allowing Hitler to pretend to be anything other than a thug - something like a political leader - has brought great pain to the world. This lesson has to be learned and implmented when discussing the Middle East. Terrorists like Nasralla, Mashal(Hamas-Syria), and Hania (Hamas-PA), thugs like Assad and Ahmedinajad and coward wizals such as Fuad Seniora(Lebanon) should not be allowed to threaten the world. The only way to win this war against Radical Islam is to fight it - not to debate it at the UN.

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