Sunday, November 12, 2006

Le Islamic Republic Du France

A salam aleikum infidels. Bon jour. Como Sava? Sava Bien? Convert or we will kill you and have a nice day.

While buses are torched by Jihadists, cops are ambushed and lynched. While the demographics shows France is surrendering to Islam. While school girls are gang raped for the crime of being white. While the Jews flee. While the Jewish schools are torched. While every Monday and Thursday a new plot to bomb "La Metro" is uncovered. While the French courts are abused to enforce silence regarding the lies of the "al dura" blood libel. All the while... The French foreign office finds the time to zealously condemn Israel, The French troops pride themselves on protecting the terror group Hezbollah by targeting Israeli reconnaissance planes.

I pity the last remaining breed of white Frenchmen. The self destructing - suicidal - soon to be minority in their own country - French.

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