Friday, July 14, 2006

Did Israel loose their deterrence?

Talking heads like debating the illusive deterrence that Israel has possessed over Arab nations. In my opinion those words are useless. There is no “deterrence” against people who care not for their children as much as they do for murdering Jews. There is no “deterrence” against those willing to commit suicide and take with them their entire nation – as Hezbollah and Hamas.

The only “deterrence” that can exist and I believe is still intact is against sovereign regimes wishing to maintain control over their countries. And for now – that leaves Israel with no one deterred but Syria.

Why is Iran not deterred? Because they are backed by Russia, China and France. France – who stands with Hezbollah – still keeps dirty contracts in the Middle East. The private pockets of French elite are still being padded by large bribes from the Iranians. I have no proof – but I have no reason to think otherwise. There can be no other reason for the French support of Hezbollah. (Except anti-Semitism, but haven’t they claimed their support for Israel with the French Festival in Tel Aviv?)

Iran has its back against the wall; it feels the burden of supplying for its poor civilians is too big. Therefore, the easy solution is to start a war. The more Iranians die – the better – as they see it, fewer mouths to feed. They are the embodiment of Nazism. They do not fear Israeli invasion and see the US as too weak at this point to take action. (Much like what Hitler thought when he started)


Iran SHOULD be deterred by the US. They are willfully blind to the reality only because they are religious fanatics who believe that when the world will be in chaos the Mahadi will return and install Shea Sharia on EVERYONE.

Yes disgusting French frogs – everyone includes your smelly butts.

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