Thursday, July 06, 2006

Apperantly, the Oslo accord was a mistake.. shh - don't tell anyone

Oops - they did it again. They signed a treaty with a terrorist, who founded a quasi state, which today openly declared war on them.

The Palestinian Authority has graduated from a terror sponsoring spawn of the devil to a war criminal, treaty breaking nation of murder and war.

Will the Israeli government FINALLY declare its mistake and recognize the PA as its enemy? Will Israel still be the only side upheld to international peace agreements - or will at some point the other side might be called to order?

Hmm... I guess not, the UN keeps trying to blame Israel. At this point, even the farthest loony lefty in the world cannot say what Israel should have done which it hadn't in pursuit of peace. Sign a peace treaty with a terrorist? Been there. Give your enemies guns? Done that. How about unilaterally withdrawal - relieving your enemy of all their excuses for war? That doesn't work either? Roll over and play dead for a year while terrorists are attacking towns? What?! Even that doesn't work?

Guess what does work? Good all fashion kicking your enemy in the teeth until they beg you to stop! Enough of this sham of a masquerade - there will never be peace with Jihadists - Mark THEIR words.

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