Monday, August 14, 2006

Feel the peace as demanded by UN - are you scared yet?

I'll open by saying that I'll be away for a few days and won't be able to comment much about the disgusting situation that continues...

So in a very few words - I'm disgusted. All this carnage to release a person who murdered a family because they are Jewish; Samir Kuntar. Is this not despicable?! 1000 Lebanese lives, 150 Israelis, to release a murderer, and the UN did not even try to address the problem? The Israeli government accepted this? The Lebanese government declared they accept nothing except Israeli retreat – claming they will not do even the minimum required by them at the UN resolution.

Kofi Anan is an anti-Semite, and his organization is so very much concerned with humanitarian aid, but fails to mention how he cares about delivering such aid only to one side of the conflict. The side that started it all, and refused to end it by undoing its deeds, releasing the hostages. HOSTAGES! A sovereign state has taken hostages from another and refuses to abide by the Geneva Convention and allow the Red Cross to meet them. How messed up is the UN? Why did our country – the US – support this deal? Is it because the idiot in charge of Israel actually wanted this result? Actually wanted Israel to stop under the pressure and request of the UN – like a bully screaming “hold me” because he really is too scared to punch other kids?

Most of all, I must confess – I am confused. If there is a cease fire, then why did Olmert order the army to march forward? Why escalate? Everything here sounds backwards and awful. I do hope I just misunderstand the situation. Time will tell, I’ll be back next week to inject my view on this rapidly changing situation.

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