Thursday, August 31, 2006

Time to impose puppet dictators in the Middle East

Seriously, has no-one ever considered solutions such as the above in the Middle East? Of course they did – that is how the British and French took over after the fall of the Ottoman Empire and that is how the Kingdoms of Jordan, Iraq, and Saud were raised. It is lack of attention to defiance and hatred that has led us all to the current situation – hate speech should have never been permitted in the new states of the Middle East.

My view on solving the Palestinian terror issue:
1. Gradually take over neighborhood by neighborhood.
2. Search every house for weapons. Take out all satellite and internet access.
3. Recruit local unarmed officers
4. Enforce local hidden security and actively seek to incarcerate resistance – political or militarily.
5. Put barriers between each neighborhood. Separate areas “freed” from the PA-Chaos, and areas under PA-Chaos.
6. Group several such occupied neighborhoods under a hierarchy of paid collaborators.
7. Create a local army of trusted collaborators with financial interest in keeping the peace. Do not let them excuse any bad behavior by attempts to please locals. The only goal is to keep order and cooperation.
8. Continue said plan until Gaza is taken over again and put under complete Israeli occupation and control.
9. Control the local media, and prevent outside influences. Create local television channels and control them. Create news paper outlets and control them.
10. Implant a local dictator to Gaza and then finally:
11. Seek world recognition of a sovereign state in Gaza to which Israel will pass the reigns of control gradually.

From there – once peace is kept and imposed though force, start implementing Bush’s ideals:
1. Slowly ease occupying measures
2. Provide amnesty to formerly resisting forces selectively.
3. On every step backwards into resistance and terrorism, re-impose totalitarian measures.

Once several generations have passed and Jihady philosophy is rooted out, once peace is kept and reassured – then, and only then – it would be the right time to implement Democracy. Such democracy should have the tools and measures to combat new attempts to Jihady take over.

I know this sounds harsh – but what has the humanitarian way brought us (Arabs, Americans and Israelis)?

A few notes:
1. Under no circumstances should there be resettlement of Jews within hostile Arab communities. Although Jewish communities existed for centuries prior to Zionism, including in Gaza, from the current state of affair (as well as the future one) we can deduct that never again could Arabs live peacefully with Jews. There is a threshold of hate that cannot be overcome.
2. Despite Note#1, Israel should continuously spread the word of cooperation between Arabs and Jews as a key to future coexistence. The interest of Arabs as peaceful neighbors should be emphasized again and again. The bright future that could be versus the nightmare that is the current state of affairs as a result of Jihadists and Terror.
3. It is time for visionary statehood philosophy to be imposed on the Palestinians as a replacement to the Jihady state of mind that has been allowed to persist.

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