Monday, August 07, 2006

Why is Arab diplomacy ineffective?

The Arab League foreign ministers met today in Beirut. The Arabs should know by now that these meetings are meaningless and teathless. They do not however understand why it is such a waste of time. I'll inject my view on this: The Arabs, their leaders and their media find it too hard to take an honest look at reality and put some (at least some) of the blame on themselves. Their magic solution is always to blame the "other". The west, the jews, Israel, USA, Communisim, Nazism, Faschism, Christianity, Jesus, jews murdering Jesus, the water, the air and the sand. Everything but a hard look at them selves, anything but reality.

Their situation can only change once they start some healthy self critisizm. Once that happens, the rest of the world would be much better as well.

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