Tuesday, July 25, 2006

When dumb-dumb and bam-bam speak

Two key villians in the story of the middle east have spoken. One chief bastard Nasralla keeps shooting his guns screaming bang bang. Mister Bam-Bam wants to bomb Tel Aviv. The childish idiot who was quoted talking like a bully, for example:"you don't know who you're messing with". Mister Mafia Bam Bam is a lunatic with a gun. Go ahead, shoot at Tel Aviv. BRING IT ON - wake up the lefties at the Israeli government and force them to send a full scale invasion to take over Beirut. Do it! - idiot!

Mister Dumb-Dumb Kofi-Kofi Ana -Ana Anan... what can be said on the man sitting on the throne of a body which oversaw the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers at 2001, have sat idle while people all around the world were dying. What can be said of mister Damn Dumb? You claim Israel deliberatly bombed your outpost?! You are not just a crazy antisemite, you are stupid. There are no words harsh enough to express what I think of Kofi Anan. Perhaps he really believes Israel wants to start a war with Austria, China, Finland and Canada. Yes Canada - one of the only three countries to express support for Israel.

You see - Israel has been plotting for 28 years to bomb Kofi's outpost. Housing them, taking care of them, not doing much when they PARTICIPATE in terror activities against Israel. Un-freakin'-believable. Kofi Dumb Dumb and Nasralla Bam-Bam are both welcomed guests at kiss-my-ass town.

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