Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Collecting news bits... Lebanon is on the brink of civil war

* Today, a major Christian leader was assassinated. This follows threats from Hezbollah demanding to take over the country. Can't say what will happen next; In the past we can find instances where Christian would go on a rampage - taking vengeance against any Muslim they encounter. In the past we've seen masses go to the streets with protest. In the past we've seen world indifference for horrors in Lebanon, we've seen world complaisance with Syrian oppression of the Lebanese, we've seen mass exodus of Christians - without anyone crying for their plight.

* In other news, whenever we hear of Abu Mazen escaping the PA to some Arab state I'm suspicious. He always does so to avoid being on the ground when the PA war to eliminate Israel escalates. He would like us to believe he has nothing to do with it. Now he is on his way to Saudi Arabia. The land of camel milk and money.

* The Israeli government is engaged in large scale incursions into Gaza city for the purpose of killing one or two terrorists. They claim that they are doing everything possible to stop the bombing of the Israeli town of Sderot. Everything? Really? How about admitting giving land for terror...err, land for "peace" was a mistake? How about taking back control? Everything? I doubt it. If 99% of the world already finds it acceptable to condemn fighting terror without mentioning terror at the UN assembly, if France is already the enemy on your border, if spineless Spain who ran with their tails from Iraq and capitulated to terrorists to change their government in the last election, if Spain wishes to put troops on the ground in Gaza... (too scared to fight Muslims, but fighting Jews is a habit straight from the era of the inquisition) ... Then Why Oh Why not do whatever is right and let the hypocrites whistle their empty tunes. Safeguard your own before appeasing your "faux ami".

Two more foreigners were kidnapped in Gaza. The bleeding hearts just can't get it through their thick scull. Infidels to Gaza Muslims is like Meat to Carnivores.

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