Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Connecting the dots here at the US

A few recent news bits made little noise for very odd reasons. Follow the trail:
1. School bus attack dry run at Florida
2. Hollow shoe man dry run at Dallas airport
3. Hezbollah supporting outbursts here in Dearboristan
4. Disappearing 11 Egyptian students in NY
5. Seattle pogrom on Jewish center

Is a big scale attack on Jewish targets imminent in the US? Is it going to happen in Jihad capitol USA (Dearboristan)?

Update: (morning of Augest 10th)
The pot is definitely brewing. More signs of getting closer to boiling stages. These little bits of news I heard on the radio on the Laura Ingram show. They were read by some congressman taking over for her, quoting from the news wire:

1. 2 Arabs from Dearborn were caught in Ohio with dozens of phones, cash and flight related information. If they will be prosecuted for terror related charges they might still be out in 18 months.
2. 3 Egyptians caught of the missing 11, someone in AP decided to print that they are NOT held on terror charges and are not terror related
3. Big plot uncovered in Britain. The Muslims wanted to blow international flights. Many airports in Europe are shut down or in partial work pace.

My guess: More to come… remember that Iran is brewing something for the 22nd of this month.

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