Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Broadcasting propaganda for the enemy

The Israeli channel 10 broadcast live on Israeli television and over the internet a well thought of and polished propaganda movie made by the Hezbollah to advocate their righteousness and to glorify their terrorist warriors. With sad and gloomy faces sat the news anchors and discussed topics with parents of slain soldiers and former Israeli negotiator. The Israeli channel paid the Leanness channel for their propaganda material and broadcasted it in Arabic to Israel. The money, no doubt goes strait to the hands of Hezbollah.

The only small rays of light which could be seen from this ordeal are the clear words said by a parent of one formerly snatched and slain soldier. Back in 2000 – Israel should have maid them pay harsh, both Lebanon and Hezbollah. That would have taught them never to do this again. The lessons of the 2000 kidnapping – the military lessons should have been taken. Clearly – that has not happened, as they kidnapped again just two months ago.

For Israel – not losing nor winning a war – and then falling into a political chaos can persuade their enemies that war does pay nicely for them and therefore it should be continued. As I have said before – wars in the Middle East must be won. Cut and clear. Stalemate will only bring further hardship sooner rather than later.

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