Thursday, August 03, 2006

Very hard days

The barrage of rockets, the blitz, which had no other intention than to murder civilians has miraculously mainly scorched the earth, destroyed towns but hurt little amount of people on one blow.

The truth is that with every day passing, with 2 people dying a day, 100-s wounded, the industry shut down, and hundreds of thousands forced to live as fugitives in southern areas of Israel - the truth is that the civilian population in Israel is carrying a very heavy toll. This doesn’t seem to bother anyone in particular. I stated my opinion before – the extra care given to the cost the enemy pays is ridiculous.

The aggressor, the side that started this and refuses to end it must pay and pay and pay until a complete surrender – not until a “peace keeping force” arrives to guard the terrorist. By guarding the terrorists I believe everyone already understands that they will not fight them – they will PROTECT them from harm.

It is an easy solution in my mind, and I feel ashamed that the government of Israel cares more for the well being of the enemy’s civilians then its own. This is exactly the same case as in southern Israel were rockets are allowed to be fired at Sderot and Ashkelon. The enemy knows it is safe while it hides behind his own people. This equation has to change at some point.

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