Monday, June 26, 2006

Of WMD-s and rhetoric regarding Israel’s “would be” response

The “Lovely Palestinians” have declared they have WMD-s. It is clear they got it from a 3rd party (Pick one: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya – they all have/had it). It is not likely they would make it up. Not only do these degenerates brag about possessing this evil, they make threats of using it. Yes – genocide has become the official policy. Can’t say that it got big headlines over at AP and Al-Routers (I know I misspell them, it’s on purpose)

Some blogs who support Israel claim that “if so and so”, if they would actually use it against Israel – surely the Israelites who have known the consequences of laying low while genocide is committed against them – would rise and make a final decisive blow against Arab presence through a last resort “ethnic cleansing”.

Baloney (I hate this word). No one would dare – and no one would support it. The weak and cowardly government of Olmert, with his far left wing coalition comprised from the labor party would never make any decisive move. But even a far right wing government would not do so. So stop writing stupid things. In case Israel would be attacked by Mustard Gas, Nerve Gas or others, it would still only seek to punish the lower level terrorist. It would not drive the population out; it would not incarcerate the leaders – nothing.

Did anyone notice any military response to the latest Military Attack - Act of War against Israel?! It sounds like if John Kerry or Murtha would run this country - that's how they would have responded as well. :-(

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