Monday, April 24, 2006

Why is the pain being broomed under the rug?

Only a week has passed yet the media is silent about the pain and suffering of yet another batch of victims at Shawarma Mayor in Tel-Aviv. Today the Israelis commemorate the Holocaust day. A day of grief about the suffering the enemies of the Jewish people have caused. The slogan has always been: Never forget, never forgive. But someone is trying very hard to make everyone forget and forgive the current days enemies.

Why not hate your enemies? It is not even human to not hate the people who keep on trying to murder you and your family.

It is not racism to hate your enemy - it is a normal natural psychiatric response to the trauma they inflict on you. Israeli Jews hate Arabs - not because they were indoctrinated to do so, not because the media forces them, but because they are confronted with genocide intentions from Arabs on a daily basis.

The opposite is true, the media is trying its best to broom the issues under the rug and trivialize the situation as if it is a matter of determining borders a few inches to the east or the west. Any normal human, who would be traumatized by a terror act, or the fear for his family, would ignore such silly attempt to brainwash and whitewash the truth about the horrific nature of Arabs and Muslims.

On this day of commemorance, speeches blaming Jews for racism when they simply hate their enemies should be condemned in the harshest of ways. The Jews are entitled to hate Nazis, and so are they entitled to hate Islamists.

Remember, never forget, and never forgive!

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