Friday, July 14, 2006

A state of siege and a mental siege

While Israel is puting a de-facto siege on Lebanon and on Gaza - the UN, EU and Arab League are puting a mental siege on Israel. Only one nation is brave enough to sound a clear voice for justice, the United States alone stands with Israel's right to self defense.

The Arab terrorists rejoice in the knowledge of so many countries and people who support their struggle (to kill all the jews). To whom who have thought that blatent anti-semitism has disappeared with the defeat of the Nazis in the second world war, the reallity comes and slaps on the face. Europe stands with murdering Jews. It is an Arab's "right" to murder Jews. Funny - I have not read that right in the charter of UN, geneuva convention, or anywhere else except... the Quran.

All the while, million Israelis sit in shelters while showers of bombs fall on their heads. The Israeli civilians are targeted. The condemnations from all around the world echo in Israel and put a mental siege on a nation besieged for 60 years.

France deserves the most attention in this travesty. The French have invested money and time into correcting the relationship between the people in Israel and in France. They have orchastrated a festival in Tel Aviv just a few weeks ago. Let it be clear, many knew it was nothing but PR considering the mass exodus of Jews from France over the rising Jihad in France.

The stinky smelly frogs have not only embraced Jihadists as citizens, given them shelter, food and a lifelong wellfare system - they have capitulated to their antisemite desires and have sunken to a low beneath Saudi Arabia (which is possibly the most blatant anti-semite country in the world). France supports murderring Jews! Like Vishi in the 40-s, so do the Jickish in the 2000-s. Pay attention to the facts: Saudio Arabia Condemns Hizbollah and France condemns Israel.

Messed up!

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