Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Can a regional terror war emerge as a new global one?

The Hamas leaders thought they can perform acts of war and stay unscratched. So did Hizbolla. In fact - for years Fatah has been doing that, so why wouldn't they - right?

The cards are on the table in the middle east and they reveale that it is past the point of no return. Syria, Lebanon, Iran and the Palestinians have chosen to ignite the TNT barrel and start a war. Can it be contained within the Middle East?

Consider some alarming facts - Russia and China support Syria and Iran. The regims at Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are on the brink of an Islamic revolution. Saudi Arabia still supports Hamas. Iran practecly begs the US and Britain to attack - considering their deadly influence in Iraq and their steady march to achieving Nueclear technology.

On the other side, the US support for Israel has been declared over the past few years as one that in case of an actual threat to the existance of Israel - Bush would step up to the table. I wouldn't count on Europe to let NATO participate in an attack on Iran. For them to do that, Iran must first attack and openly admit to attacking all Europe. The cowardice nations of Europe would never risk a European soldier to save a Jew.

Want more complications? Venezuela supports Iran and craves battle with the US.

On the African front, there is an ongoing battle with Al-Qaeda. There are strongholds at Somalia, Sudan, Arithrea, Nigeria and groups within every country trying to stirr the pot. The southafricans have expressed their support for anybody at war with Israel ever since the cancelation of the apparthide.

The masses of "angry" muslims at Europe can start something right now, something the end of which cannot be foreseen. Lets just say that Kosovo is their model.

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch often refers to 1938 alerts; My question is:

Is it 1938 or 1939 now? Maybe it is 1942 already?

My prediction for next few days: Israel is about to bomb Damscus!

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