Monday, November 27, 2006

The Persian World War

In the late 70-s the radical president Jimmy Carter pushed Iran over the edge and has brought a colossal disaster only second to the rise of the Nazis. It is now a recorded page of history that the US along with the Europeans pushed the Shah of Iran to give concessions to the radicals in his country in the name of “democratization”. When the political structure collapsed it gave rise to the fourth Reich… err... erase that, to the Islamic republic of Iran. The new Iran vowed to fight until the elimination of Israel and to fight until the end of times to eliminate the USA with the intent of replacing it with a state within the Shea super world power – Iran. What I have just written should come as news to nobody. The question I am asking is – do people realize that Iran is in war with Israel and the United States?

The Iranian strategies for each front:
Iraq: Very simple, ignite every possible local feud, arm whoever wishes to undermine stability, blame the US for everything. As Iran sees it, the US’s involvement in Iraq weakens the economy, the resolve and the recruitment levels. The longer the United States stays involved with the blood thirsty Arabs of Iraq, the more Iran gains. The goal is to disallow American foothold close by to Iranian borders for a possible strike too close to Teheran. For this reason, they will turn on their own Shea agents; they will harbor Al-Qaeda leaders and will fund whoever wishes to hold a gun and murder in Bagdad. Iran sees the war with the United States a long term mission and the current battle as nothing more than a prelude.

Israel: The way I see it, Iran has devised the following strategy to fight Israel along with their Palestinian cronies and Lebanon’s Hezbollah:

1. Ignite and persist terror attacks against Israel in decided areas over time to encourage Israel to contemplate “unilateral withdrawals” or “interim peace treaties”.
2. Provide a few months of calm or low intensity fighting to reassure western and Israeli public opinion.
3. Quietly and methodically construct a military deterrent in evacuated territories.
4. Resume violence in new strategic locations.

This strategy will repeat itself until, as they hope, enough territory is available for construction of an assault force which would try to take what is left of Israel in a swift move.

1. Periodically assassin key opposing politicians to keep the “non Shea” majority submissive to Shea demands.
2. Maintain a tense truce with Israel to assist propaganda within Shea youths
3. Flood Lebanon with fake dollars to buy influence, undermine any attempt to create a viable economy and undermine any western influence
4. Terrorize and threaten Christians to encourage their departure from the Middle East
Once the Shea will feel confident enough, they will claim they are the majority (even if they are not) and proclaim the country theirs, imposing Iranian style theocracy rule. The Shea are not timid when it comes to broiling a new civil war.

Taking advantage of the weak mafia rule of Assad the second, Iran has virtually taken control over Syria foreign policy. There could be sincere doubts regarding the current state of sovereignty of Syria. The “Allowies” cult who are a minority within Syria yet they are the rulers of the country, although considering themselves to be related to “Shea”, are considered by most other Muslims as pagan. I can only guess what Iran’s intentions towards Syria are; my best guess is that their plans are postponed until they can establish their plans for Iraq and Lebanon.

South America:
Iranian efforts include several parallel routes. Firstly, Iran is basing its terror power on voluntary immigration from Lebanon and exiled Iranians. Iran has used some of its cells in the 90-s to attack Jewish targets in Argentina. There are concentrated areas of disorder which Hezbollah has used as money laundering and training centers. The lack of civil order and widespread corruption present in Latin America is fertile ground for international espionage. These are not “James Bond 007” style romantic adventures, these are seriously dangerous developments.

The second major route includes establishing strong diplomatic ties with whoever stands out as the bigger opposition to the United States. Currently – Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. When Chavez met Ahmedinajad the headlines should have screamed: “The convention of the devilish megalomaniacs.”

United States:
One cannot tell when and how the overt operations of Iran will begin within the United States. One can only guess that not all members of the Persian Diaspora are loyal citizens. One can only guess that Dearborn, MI, is a model for infiltration with mal intents. These assertions cannot be validated by facts. The only truth to the matter is that the Shea population within the US has received less attention since it is the Sunni that the agencies battle with the war on Al-Qaeda. I can assume however that for any violent measure taken by the US against Iran’s sovereign entity, there are operational plans for terror attacks within the US. It is a known fact that several Iranian agents have been caught while taking surveillance for potential such attacks.

It is unclear to me how one can ignore all other fronts, which are clearly fronts in a war against the United States, if not US’s interests. Taken the state of affair, it seems to me that the US is in a state of war with Iran, not so much a cold one either.

Nukes? Anyone?
Much hoopla lately regarding the nuclear ambitions of Iran. Nothing being done to stop it though. My best optimistic approach would say Iran would only use its nukes for self defense to deter any exterior intervention which might try to undermine the dark regime. The general opinion however is much more pessimistic and assumes that Iran would not hesitate to use their nuclear weapons as soon as possible in their global war efforts

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