Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Does the 2006 Pelosi victory signal a coming disengagement from Israel?

Consider the facts: She represents the anti-Semite lefties of San Francisco. Her taking over the congress house is in sync with a first ever Nation Of Islam congressman (Minnesota).

Today, another tragedy happened in Gaza, I presume the following hours will show us who the democrats really are by expressing their opinions on the subject. In my opinion, what happened in Gaza today is another highly suspicious incident where it is possible that the Palestinians are to blame for the deaths as much as it is possible that the usual suspect (- Israel) is. I expect the Democrats to put aside their latest victory to focus on what they really care about - those poor Jihadists/Palestinians.

I was wrong - no peep from the democrats regarding the deaths in Gaza. Either that, or none reported. There's enough mess caused by their other loony ideas such as reimposing the draft.

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