Thursday, July 27, 2006

Collecting news bits... grave conclusions

In frontpage today Robert Spencer of JihadWatch wrote about the special date the Iranians chose to respond to the nuclear offers. Basically, he analyzes what is clear to everyone who reads the rants of the lunatic Ahmedinajad: He plans to bomb Israel on the 21st of August. Then respond to the Europeans on 22nd with a big FU.

The Iranian moves are transperant. The current state of war Israel is at is their response to threats of sanctions given a day before the abductions. Nasralla's deputy (shall we name him Poop Jr. with fries?) claims today the current war would be "Israel's last war". I wonder what does this Iranian crony know about Iranian plans.

Israel has anounced today they will recruit 3 divisions slowly. Not to threaten or to invade but to be ready for what might be coming. Are we connecting the dots yet?

In my opionion, we are looking at a very difficult August/September. The real question is when the heck is the rest of the world going to jump in and defang Iran.

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