Monday, August 28, 2006

The apologizing mole man - a winner?!

Chief Hezbollah - Nasralla Bam Bam - is too scared to surface. He knows he is fair game for Israeli missiles and simply chooses to live the rest of his life underground. See - he won the war - therefore he can live the rest of his life under the ground. Go eat roots mole-man.

Well, it gets better: Mole man apologized on Lebanese broadcast for starting a war. He didn’t mean to. He really thought that murdering and kidnapping is not an action that starts a war. Especially not with Israelis whom should be accustomed to this type of behavior from their loving Arab neighbors.

Although I do not think Israel "won" this war, I certainly don’t believe the mole-man, mister bam bam did. I would love to see his photo 20 years from now - after not seeing the light of day for fear from meeting justice. I turn to sci-fi to imagine the complexion of his white-transparent skin and wild lice infested beard. I’m going to turn to Babylon 5 for a bunch of pictures to see which would match him most.

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