Friday, September 08, 2006

The double edge sword of CAIR activism

Jews have known this for a while – if you are active in politics and are trying to better your reputation with the general community – you draw more attention to yourself. For Jews in Europe pre-WW II that meant every anti Semite lie has been exploited up to the point of committing a genocide against the Jews. For CAIR it means that every deceitful attempt to whitewash Islamic connection to terrorism, and the entire history and nature of Islam which they are trying to hide has come to the attention of the world global community. The negative attention the Muslims are getting, unlike the negative attention the Jews got, is well deserved. The truth about Islam (unlike the lies about Jews) surface above CAIR’s lies and spin.

While in the few first months after 9-11 we kept hearing about “the religion of peace”, and “not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslims”, it has become apparent for most of us that we are discussing the religion of hate, the religion of Jihad, and that almost all modern day terrorists and terror acts are by Muslim. In addition to that we learned that while many hoped that the general Muslim community opposes Jihady terrorists, those hopes were easy to disillusion by reading the polls and listening to Muslims within western countries. Most of the Muslim population supports terror against Jews, against Britain, against Spain, Turkey, Israel, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Russia and even against other Muslims of different sectors. The deafening silence of the Western Muslim leadership with regards to the thousands of terror attacks tells us less than the vigorous struggle they put to assist captured terrorists in Guantanamo and Israeli prisons.

The double edge sword of CAIR activism has raised negative attention to the Muslim community rather than improve relationships. The reason for that is simple. One can find too often denunciation of terror fighting measures and false claims of Muslim victim hood than condemnations of Muslim Terror. The mere use of the term “Muslim Terror” is strongly condemned by them. Jews in Europe who were trying to fight Anti Semitism were pointing to true victim hood and true lies regarding Jews. There was no Jewish movement attempting to murder infidels, there was and isn’t no Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. The thoughts and actions of Muslims in the west are too obvious to ignore or brush off by the lame attempts of CAIR to claim victim hood.

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